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I have had organic socks on my Amazon wishlist for about 2 years now. When you first started seeing organic clothing around a few years ago, I started thinking that if there were any particular articles of clothing that it might be better (health-wise) to go organic, I thought it would have to be socks. If you think about it, they are closely pressed against your skin for many consecutive hours at a time. With our skin absorbing what it touches it just seemed to me that it would be better to have organic cotton on my feet rather than normal pesticide-ridden cotton. Therefore, the priority should be to transition my sock drawer to all-organic before my t-shirt drawer.

So that brings us to today, the nice folks over at Zkano sent me a few pairs of their 100% organic cotton socks to try out. So, I have spent the last 3 days wearing them non-stop and I really like them. I went for a 3-mile hike yesterday in them and the thickness of the cotton was great. I normally wear big wool socks for winter hikes, but the Zkano socks I got were plenty thick enough to give the cushion I needed.

You know, I will just say this, I get frustrated that in so many markets and grocery stores the organic produce tastes worse than the conventional and it seems like I often have to sacrifice freshness for organic – I am happy to say that these socks require no such sacrifice. They are just as soft and fluffy as any other socks on the market – and you get the warm fuzzy feeling of knowing that you are wearing organic socks!

What they offer

They have 8 different varieties of organic cotton socks, the 3 below are the ones that I received from them…

100% all natural and organic cotton socks from Zkano

They also offer the socks in Natural and in White.

Support small organic companies

From their mission statement…

We make all our socks from the highest quality 100% certified organic ring-spun cotton, grown without the use of pesticides, chemicals or toxins. We do this so they are more comfortable, more durable and better all around – for the environment, our growers, our knitters, and for you.

Our socks are sweatshop-free, and finished without the use of harmful heavy metal dyes.

A return to better philosophies, better processes and better results, Zkano socks come to you with an ultimate promise to always feel soft, cushy, and like absolute heaven on your feet.

So, anyway I always love supporting small companies like this, so if you are interested in finding out more about them, check out their website – Zkano.com.


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