Abeego Review

I don’t know about you, but since there’s been so much talk about how harmful plastic food wrap and plastic containers can be for us and our food, we’ve stopped using them. We’ve mostly been using glass containers with sealed lids (even for sandwiches!) and it’s always been a tough solution. Then, inevitably, we’ll run out of those containers and it’s a difficult decision if we should use plastic to keep it fresh or wax paper and deal with our food going stale or rancid.

Well, we recently received a few flats from a company called Abeego! This was a great solution to our problems! Check this out:

The Abeego Flats are natural, reusable, eco-conscious food packaging created using hemp/cotton fabric infused with a blend of beeswax and plant extracts. The convenient Abeego Flats are the perfect kitchen companion. The natural waxy coating allows it to be molded and pressed to a variety of dishes or directly around the food item to be stored.The fluid-resistant coating keeps food fresh and is easy to clean. Simply hand wash Abeego in COLD, soapy water and enjoy the long life of this plastic free, durable product. A set of Flats includes a six-, a nine- and a 12-inch square with attractive accent colors.

They’re only $15 for a set of three and will last you quite a while. Abeego also makes wraps for sandwiches, muffins, etc. and a snack pack for veggies, frutis, pretzles, etc. All plastic free! I definitely recommend it!


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