Combining Conventional Medicine and Natural Therapy to Deal With Your Health Conditions

A debate has recently ensued regarding which is better: conventional medicine or natural therapy. A combination of the two is likely the best solution. Conventional Medicine Conventional medicine is traditional health care. This can include normal practices such as office visits and prescription drugs. To deny the importance of physician care would be to deny […]

3 Criteria for a Supplement that Works

Today, with many prescription drugs having a variety of negative side effects, many people are turning to supplements instead of prescription drugs. There is a lot of hype surrounding supplements, and there are many who are convinced that supplements are the way to go. Since more and more people are using supplements, there are more […]

The Goji Berry

Goji berry is a bright orange-red fruit of the woody and thorny shrub Lycium babarum. In English language Goji berry is commonly known by the name wolfberry. Some other plants in this family are tomato, potato, eggplant, chili pepper and tobacco. The fruit is believed to have originated somewhere in the regions of southeast Europe […]

How to Do Push Ups The Right Way

Doing push ups well doesn’t mean doing a hundred push ups, or even a thousand. The best goal you can strive for when doing push ups is achieving perfect form. This means keeping your torso firm and controlled, keeping your legs taut and still, and keeping your breathing even and regular so that the push […]

Facts About Tahiti Noni

Noni, also known as Great Morinda or Indian Mulberry, is a shrub that grows extensively in the Southeast Asia and French Polynesian Islands (Tahiti being one). It is now commonly referred to as Tahiti Noni because the juice of Noni has been commercially marketed under that brand name. The Noni plant, or shall we say […]

5 Healthy Foods To Eat When You Are On A Diet

Whether you aim to lose 10 lbs or 20, the foods you eat has the greatest impact on how fast you shed those pounds. More importantly they are the single largest influence on how long to manage to keep those pounds off. Starving yourself into thinness can have quite the opposite effect as the weight […]

Health Benefits Of Nuts

Nuts are among the top five most wholesome and nutrition-packed foods. Besides being rich in plant proteins, nuts contain a host of valuable nutrients, such as vitamins A, E and folate, trace minerals like magnesium, selenium, copper, zinc and phosphorus, fiber, heart-friendly fats, and antioxidants. Yes, nuts are calorie-dense (30 g yielding some 200 calories), […]