What you should do if you are forced to take the Swine Flu vaccination

I found this video, it is actually a series of videos, but this one specifically gives steps we should take if we are forced into mandatory vaccinations…

Why water is essential to our health (Day 1)

Water: The essential health  ingredient This chapter was interesting to read. I had no idea just HOW important is is to drink water. It really is one of the simplest things we can start doing to live a healthy life. Don emphasized over and over again how many patients he helped cure of a wide […]

The Seven Pillars of Health – 50 Day Challenge

Have you ever heard of Don Colbert’s Seven Pillars of Health? He is a well-respected author who has written a ton of health books about natural health. He has something going for him that a lot of other natural health professionals don’t have going for them: he is a medical doctor as well. I get […]

Yoga and Migraines

Just a couple weeks ago, I had the worst headache that I can remember having. As it worsened, I laid on the couch covering my eyes and the nausea increased. By the time I went to bed, the nightlight caused me to cringe because it intensified the pain so much. So a few days ago […]

Why do organic foods cost more than non-organic?

If you have ever priced organic and conventional foods, it quickly becomes apparent that organic foods cost considerably more money – sometimes a whole lot more than the conventional (non-organic) foods. So why do they cost more money? The main reason is that sadly the chemicals used by conventional farmers often increase yields, hardiness, sizes, […]

10 natural migraine cures

If you get a migraine, these are 10 natural migraine cures worth trying…

Cell phone radiation dangers

These are a few videos that shine some light on the dangers of cell phone radiation…