How to properly eat a pomegranate

Have you ever wondered how you are suppose to eat a pomegranate? In order to get the greatest number of arils out of your pomegranate quickly, follow theses simple steps:

What is a Detox Program?

Loved by celebrities and the health conscious, detox diets seem to be gaining in popularity. But what is a detox program and what benefits can we gain from trying a detox program?

What foods are acidic?

In the effort to bring our bodies into pH balance, we can approach the foods we eat one of two ways: eat highly alkaline foods or by avoiding highly acidic foods. … So these are some of the most acid-forming foods that should used in extreme moderation or avoided for most people who need to increase their pH.

… Jelly Margarine Milk Chocolate MSG Processed Foods Pudding Soft Drinks Sugar Table Salt Vegetable oil For example to neutralize a typical cola (at 2.8 pH) you would need to drink 32 glasses of water with a pH of 7.0.

What to do if you get the swine flu

These are some of the common and easy things you can do if you get the swine flu…

50 Alkaline producing foods

This is a list of of a bunch of strongly alkaline foods that are great to eat!!

Restoring pH balance in the body

One of the best ways we can improve our health is by restoring pH balance in our bodies…

How To Make your own natural toothpaste

Steps to making your own natural toothpaste – it is so cheap and easy!