Tulsi Health Benefits

There’s an herb that is not well known yet to the Western world, but it’s becoming more popular. It’s bound to gain more recognition the more we get to know the health benefits of the herb. It’s called Tulsi, or Holy Basil. Tulsi has been around for thousands of years and is highly honored in […]

Does Tea Tree Oil Help Kill Mold?

Mold is not only an unsightly blemish in your home, it’s also dangerous to your health. Every type of mold can potentially cause health problems. Mold produces allergens that may trigger allergic reactions. They can even set off an asthma attack in people who are allergic to mold. Certain types of molds can produce strong […]

Beeswax Candles Health Benefits

Lighting a few candles can make an evening dinner more romantic, or make an evening bath more luxurious. There are many types of candles, some more beneficial to your health than others. Beeswax candles provide a healthier experience than traditional wax candles. In fact, researchers at South Carolina State University took a look at petroleum […]

How to Use Essential Oils For Your Laundry

Clothes that are freshly washed smell wonderful. Sometimes, taking clothes out from the dryer can give you a comforting feeling just by the way they smell. But, if you’re tired of the scent of your normal laundry soap, there are ways to give you some variety. Essential oils are used for many household projects. They’re […]

The Health Benefits Of Turmeric

If you need to add spices to your food to make them more flavorful, you have plenty to choose from. You want to be sure that the spices you add are healthy for you as well. There are a wide variety of spices that not only give your meals extra flavoring, but also add health […]

Onno Organic Clothing Review

The Onno Bamboo/Cotton T-Shirt The nice folks from Onno Clothing sent me a t-shirt to try out. To be fair, this is not just your standard cotton t-shirt – this is a premium, eco-friendly, and all-in-all pretty awesome t-shirt. The one they sent me was made from 70% viscose from organic bamboo and 30% organic […]

Natural Moth Prevention

The winter season is over and sweaters and warm winter clothes are being stored. You want to protect your clothing from one particular pest. Moths. Moths are insects that are closely related to the butterfly. Moths are highly destructive and can destroy not only clothing, but your garden as well. Moths seek out vegetable plants […]