Kloss’ Liniment

One of my favorite medicinals to have on hand is Jethro Kloss’ Liniment. In his classic book Back to Eden, Kloss recommends this liniment for “all pains, painful swellings, bruises, boils, skin eruptions of any kind, pimples, etc.” He also claims that it is useful for headaches by applying to the temples, back of the […]

Natural Help For An Enlarged Prostate

The prostate gland is a small organ, located just below the bladder, which surrounds the urethra. Only men have prostate glands. In a young man, the prostate is about the size of a walnut. However, as a man ages the prostate enlarges. The two functions of the prostate are: help control urination and assist in […]

How to Dry Herbs in the Oven

Whether you have your own herb bed in the back yard, or gather plants in the wild for your herbal medicine chest, unless you properly dry and store them, you labor in vain. Most herbalists recommend air drying herbs to preserve their volatile oils. However, living in a humid area prevents me from simply hanging […]

How to Wildcraft Herbs

People that enjoy making their own herbal preparations usually find pleasure collecting their herbs from the wild. If you have access to land away from highway fumes and farm chemicals, you can find many of the medicinal herbs you use in that location. Plantain leaves for insect bites, burdock leaves for burns, black walnut hulls […]

Health Benefits of Black Beans & How to Cook Black Beans

In other parts of the world, beans are a staple item. In fact, the Brazilian Food Pyramid actually has a section devoted to beans. Why are beans consumed all over the world? Basically, they are really good for you; and they are cheap. The Black bean, or black turtle bean, is a variety of the […]

Canning And Freezing Greens

If I could grow only one thing in my garden, I’d have to choose greens. Now, if I had to narrow that down to a specific variety, I’d be in trouble. But if I could grow just greens, I would have an endless variety—spinach, kale, collards, Swiss chard, beet tops, cabbage, lettuce, and more. And […]

How to Properly Collect and Store Eggs

So, you purchased your hens and they are starting to lay. But the eggs are a little messy when you bring them in. Should you scrub them with antibacterial soap? What about the eggs that you found in a pile behind the hen house—how do you know they are okay to eat? You cracked an […]