Beeswax Candles Health Benefits

Lighting a few candles can make an evening dinner more romantic, or make an evening bath more luxurious. There are many types of candles, some more beneficial to your health than others. Beeswax candles provide a healthier experience than traditional wax candles. In fact, researchers at South Carolina State University took a look at petroleum based candles to find out what kind of emissions they gave off. They let these candles burn for six hours and then analyzed the data. They discovered that the most popular type of candle, paraffin based candles, gave off toxic chemicals including benzene and tolune. Beeswax candles do not give off these chemical substances when they’re burned. Beeswax candles health benefits don’t stop there. There are other advantages to burning beeswax candles as opposed to other candles made with different materials.

Along the same lines with emitting nasty chemicals into the air, the smoke from non beeswax candles is heavy, sooty, and can blacken your ceilings and walls. The toxins can leach into the surfaces of the walls and ceilings and could potentially harm you after a while. Beeswax candles have a clean and non-toxic burn. When a beeswax candle is burned, it emits negative ions. What this means is that beeswax candles can actually clean the air. Take a rain storm for instance. During a rain storm, negative ions are released and attach themselves to positively charged ions. The positively charged ions collect mold, dust, and other airborne contaminants. Once the negatively charged ions attach themselves to the positively charged ions, these contaminants are cleared away. The combination of the two ions make them heavier so they fall to the ground. The next time you clean your floors after burning a beeswax candle, you’ll be clearing out all the dust, mold, and other debris that came out of the air.

Beeswax candles have been around for centuries. Over the years, the transformation of candles has brought more harmful effects to a person’s health. Beeswax candles were used a long time ago for people suffering from allergies and sinus problems. As stated above, when a beeswax candle is lit, it clears the air of any airborne contaminants, leaving the air cleaner to breathe. The less contaminants that are in the air, the less you’ll be breathing in. Thus, you won’t breathe in as many allergens and other contaminants through your nose as mouth. People suffering from asthma know all about breathing issues. In one study, asthma patients were asked to light a beeswax candle for three to four hours before they went to bed. Those that did this, experienced better breathing abilities and other asthma symptoms improved. There was one astonishing case where a woman burned a beeswax candle all day and said that her asthma went away completely over time.

The scent that is given off from beeswax candles is pleasant and sweet. The scent has a way of relaxing you, and can be a great way to treat stress and anxiety. Beeswax candles can be used on their own to relax you and relieve your stress, or they can be incorporated into relaxing activities such as meditation, yoga, or a hot bubble bath.

With the non toxic emissions of beeswax candles, they’re not only healthier for you, they’re safer too. Beeswax candles are all natural and when they burn, they tend not to drip like traditional candles do. With no wax dripping, there’s a lesser chance that a person will get hot wax on themselves if they move the lit candle from one place to another. Beeswax candles burn brighter than other candles as well. The light these candles give off is the closest you can get to natural sunlight. You can use beeswax candles as a light source to read by. They give off enough light so you won’t experience eye strain or headaches.

When lighting candles, it’s always best to use caution. Never leave the room when a candle is lit, and this goes for beeswax candles as well. The health benefits of traditional candles are usually aimed toward relaxation and stress. This is true of beeswax candles also But beeswax candles health benefits go beyond that. They actually clear the air so it’s easier to breathe. The next time you’re looking for relaxation, try a candle made from beeswax.

Photo by Annie Mole


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