Benefits Of Yoga For Cancer Patients

Benefits Of Yoga For Cancer PatientsThere is a new study that was just released explaining that there could be some pretty solid benefits of doing Yoga for cancer patients. The study took a large group of cancer patients and had some regularly participate in yoga and others not – and it provided pretty conclusive evidence that yoga helps cancer patients feel better and sleep better.

Here are a few high-lights from the article…

“new research released Thursday ahead of the American Society of Clinical Oncology meeting suggests yoga has beneficial effects on sleep quality, fatigue, and overall quality of life in cancer survivors.”

“Compared to how they felt beforehand, the survivors who participated in the yoga program afterward reported improvements in sleep quality and fatigue. Yoga participants also used less sleep medication than they did before the program, while non-yoga participants actually increased their use of sleep medication.”

“Distler said she would “absolutely” recommend the practice for cancer survivors with sleep problems.”

For more, you can read the full article here: Yoga May Help Cancer Patients


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