3 Organic Hair Care Options

3 Organic Hair Care OptionsIf you’re an environmentally conscious person, you’re probably doing everything you can to live a “greener” life. If you’re looking into becoming more environmentally friendly, one place to start is by switching to organic hair care options. Be sure to look at the packaging when you’re hunting for a product. Make sure that the product is issued with a government seal that says it’s certified organic, or has a stamp that tells you it’s 100% organic. There are several benefits to using products for your hair that are organic.

Environmentally Friendly

The main selling point, and one of the main reasons people choose to use organic shampoos, is that they are environmentally friendly. These products disintegrate very well into the environment when they are thrown away. The products are packed in biodegradable cartons so the consumer doesn’t have to worry about throwing the empty box in the trash.

All Natural

Another reason to use organic products is that they’re all natural. Organic hair products contain plant herbs as well as some animal products. Through the use of these natural ingredients, consumers have a lesser chance of being allergic to them. Some people who use traditional hair products break out in a rash, or they experience hair loss due to an allergic reaction. With traditional hair products, it’s sometimes necessary to switch brands or types depending on the weather conditions. Organic hair products can be used in any climate and in any type of weather.


Organic products are much cheaper normally than traditional hair products. In fact they can be extremely cheap if you make your own at home. Once you find a recipe you like for a shampoo, buy the ingredients in bulk, and they’ll most likely last you for several years.

Better For Your Hair

Traditional hair products that claim to make your hair shiny or give your hair more volume, are riddled with chemicals. Long term use of these products can damage your hair. These products lead to stiff hair that can easily break off, split ends, and can even cause irritation to the scalp. Organic products are different since they’re all natural. They use no chemicals, so they won’t damage your hair.

Better When You’re Pregnant

Most of the time, women who are pregnant don’t think about everyday products like shampoo harming their unborn baby. It’s always a good idea to speak with your doctor about the everyday products you use, to be sure they’re safe to use when pregnant, hair care products included. Organic hair products are a healthy option to use when you’re expecting.

Provide Nutrients To The Hair

Since organic products are made with all natural ingredients including herbs, the shampoo will contain healthy nutrients that are good for your hair and scalp. Vitamins and minerals are very important to achieving healthy hair. They give your hair a natural shine and can revive limp hair. Shampoos that contain coconut oil are rich in Vitamin E, fatty acids, and other minerals that can strengthen your hair and give it more vitality. A lot of organic products contain ingredients such as shea butter, aloe vera, and other extracts that are plant-based. These ingredients all provide healthy benefits to your hair and scalp. Hair is different for every person. Some people have thin hair, others have hair that is thick. There’s an organic option that is right for any type of hair.

Easy To Find

Organic hair products are fairly easy to find. Nearly every store these days has an organic section for whatever you’d like to buy. However, if you are having a difficult time finding hair products, try looking online. Most online retailers will ship to anywhere in the world. Try these organic hair care options.

Saffron Rouge – One of the largest online retailers in North America that carries organic hair care options.

Aubrey Organics – This company has been in establishment for more than 40 year and got its start by selling salons in New York.

Miessence – This company not only sells organic hair products, they sell organic skin care, organic cosmetics, and organic baby care products.

When you use organic hair care options, you’re essentially going back to the basics. Before all of the synthetic substances were produced, natural ingredients were used in hair products. Your hair will be healthy and chemical free when you choose to use organic hair products.