Cardio Fitness Machine Options

What kind of cardio fitness machine (such as a treadmill, elliptical, or bicycle) is right for you? The first thing to ask yourself, when thinking about your options, is why you are trying to get a cardio fitness machine. Has your doctor or some health practitioner officially recommended cardio as part of your exercise regimen?

Of course we all need a healthy heart, and yes it is a well known fact that cardio exercise will help you shed pounds and stay in shape. However, it is important to make sure that you are in proper physical condition before you begin engaging in regular cardio, such as that done on a cardio fitness machine. So please consult your health professional and have proper testing done, particularly on your heart, blood pressure, and any other tests they might need to run before your invest in a cardio fitness machine.

With that said, now its time to consider whether or not you should go with organic cardio, or whether a cardio fitness machine is really the right option for you. It is not necessary to have a machine to get cardio, on a basic level. You can work up your heart rate and lose weight by doing a variety of exercises that do not require a machine. These include brisk walks, jogging, running, calisthenics (such as jumping jacks), dancing, and so on.

A good reason to use a cardio fitness machine is because it forces you to stay on the machine and push through until you get enough of a workout to really achieve results. When you do something organic (especially in cold weather or when its not nice outside, forcing you to exercise indoors), its harder to keep track and stay on task.

Most cardio fitness machines will have some way of gauging your progress during the course of your workout, which helps you stick to your regimen and achieve your goal weight and heart fitness. Another good reason to have a cardio fitness machine is because it serves as a visual cue every time you walk into the room that it is in, a friendly reminder to quickly get on the thing and do your daily workout.

Finally, when choosing between your options, it all comes down to preference. Each option does have its own benefits, but each can help you with your cardio fitness.


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