Different Types of Orange Essential Oil

There are various types of orange essential oils that are used in aromatherapy; three types of orange oil are extracted from different parts of the orange tree. In addition, another type of orange oil is extracted from a different species of orange tree. Orange oil is a popular essential oil that is used in aromatherapy […]

Natural Hay Fever Remedy

Several years ago, we bought a house in the middle of a hay field. Come summer, our son could barely function for the runny nose and eyes, sneezing and congestion. Diagnosis: Hay fever. Prescription: Claritin. Before anyone in our home takes a pharmaceutical product, I look it up in the Physician’s Desk Reference. Not liking […]

Jewelweed Leaf: Nature’s Antihistamine

Jewelweed is a common weed, marked by its bright orange flowers, often found growing along the edges of creek beds and lawn borders. This plant has long been recognized as a natural remedy for dermatitis: Poison Ivy, Oak, Sumac, bug bites, and eczema. The juice from Jewelweed has been used by Native Americans in the Appalachian region for […]

Natural Burn Treatments/John W. Keim’s Comfort for the Burned and Wounded

Many years ago, while popping popcorn on the stove, I caught my hand on fire. While two babies slept in the other room, my husband pulled into the driveway with our oldest to see me, through the picture window, trying to blow out the flames on my hand. The following weeks were not pretty. I […]

Health Benefits From Coconut Oil

When I read this story of Bruce Flett, I was shocked. This man spent the greater part of last year suffering with dementia as a result of an infection in his heart and a valve replacement. Flett was unable to dial the telephone, use the computer, talk clearly, or even take care of his own […]

Natural Relief For Morning Sickness

Morning sickness affects nearly 85% of pregnant women at some point during their pregnancy. Unlike it’s name tends to insinuate, morning sickness can hit at any time. For some women this lasts only briefly but for some it can last the whole pregnancy. It can be unpleasant but is not usually dangerous. There are many […]

How to Make and Apply a Poultice To Draw Out Infection

I’ve had occasion to use poultices with my boys—poison ivy and a sprained knee come to mind. But you may ask, “What is a poultice?” or “When do I use a poultice?” or even, “How do I make and apply a poultice?” What is a poultice? A poultice is a mixture of raw, cooked, or […]