Types of Aromatherapy Diffusers

Aromatherapy diffusers are just one way of administering essential oils through inhalation. They can set the mood for a party, home, romantic occasion or simply to heal a specific health problem. There are different types of aromatherapy diffusers now available. Here’s a few pointers to help you make a decision on which type of aromatherapy […]

3 Natural Treatments for Varicose Veins

If you suffer from bulging or lumpy veins in your legs, don’t despair. Roughly half of all middle-aged Americans have varicose veins—mostly women. Although that is little comfort when your legs are in discomfort, there are natural measures you can take to relieve the pain and even shrink the veins that cause it. Varicose veins […]

Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) Natural Treatment

Seasonal Affective Disorder, SAD for short, is no stranger to the months of January through March. As the sun trades off with the moon much earlier and the temperature drops to unbearable lows, it sometimes takes everything in our being to not curl up in the covers and not releasing ourselves from the tangle of […]

Good Food For Eye Health

The following article was written by Dr. David Cronauer, a graduate of Wilkes University Pennsylvania College of Optometry affiliated, accelerated program, is affiliated with Replace My Contacts, provider of discount contact lenses on more than 150 brands, including Air Optix Aqua, Acuvue Oasys, SofLens Multifocal, and many more. Dr. Cronauer focuses vision related problems for head injury and stroke […]

How to Make Herbal Remedies—Teas and Tinctures

Making your own herbal remedies is easy and can save you money. The two most common ways to administer medicinal herbs are with teas and tinctures. Before beginning you want to make sure that you start with fresh, quality herbs. If you’re picking them out of your garden, that is easier to assure, but what […]

5 Herbs To Help Women Conceive Naturally

Most fertility problems are caused by hormonal imbalances. Clinical studies indicate that women who have unexplained infertility or those who are struggling to conceive after the age of 35 could be helped by getting their hormones back into balance. Some examples of hormonal imbalances are: An estrogen imbalance (usually excessive) can cause conditions such as […]

Herbal Vaporizers: An Introduction

Ingesting herbs is becoming a popular way to gain some incredible health benefits. Where traditional smoking causes all kinds of health concerns with the inhalation of harsh smoke, an herbal vaporizer will extract the active ingredients of an herb and “vaporize” it into a smooth thin mist. What Exactly is an Herbal Vaporizer? It’s no […]