Health of Chocolate In Aromatherapy

My love affair with chocolate began at a early age and as an aromatherapist I have been trying to combine both the benefits of chocolate and aromatherapy, in a natural way, for a couple of years! Although there are many products out there with synthetic chocolate aromas, some of which do resemble the aroma of […]

Natural Preservatives for Homemade Beauty Products

Most store bought beauty products contain artificial preservatives because the products need to have a long shelf life. However, if you are making your own beauty products at home, you don’t have to add synthetic preservatives to your natural products; there are various types of natural preservatives that you can use instead. Examples of natural […]

Honey for Aromatherapy and Beauty Products

If you make your own aromatherapy and beauty products, you might want to consider honey as an ingredient; honey isn’t just for eating, it can be added to many different homemade beauty products. Although beeswax is a popular ingredient for homemade aromatherapy products, honey, in its raw form, is useful too. Honey has many health […]

Using Aromatherapy As A Treatment For Shock

Shock has a debilitating effect on your body; whether you have just received the news that someone has died, been involved in a car accident or suffered a fall, your body responds in a certain way. The emotional response to shock often has physiological effects on the body. There are a number of ways to […]

Use of Alkanet in Natural Cosmetics

Have you ever wondered how to get color in your natural cosmetics, such as lip balms and lotions, without using a synthetic product? I recently came across a plant extract which can add a red tint to your home made cosmetics. Alkanet is a plant that is alternatively known by the names dyer’s alkanet or […]

Different Types of Mint Essential Oils

Mint is an ancient herb that was prevalent in medieval herb gardens; its use both as a herb and as an oil is not new. However, it might be that different types of mints were used for different conditions and purposes, as there is more than one type of mint species that has medicinal uses. […]

Benefits of Himalayan Salt Crystal Lamps

I always get excited when the UPS man drops a box off at my door, but today was extra good because the box contained a long-awaited Himalayan Salt Lamp. I have been wanting one for a while, but just never got around to purchasing one. Thankfully, the nice folks from offered to donate one […]