Okra Health Benefits

It’s important to get several servings of vegetables in our diet each day. There are so many types of vegetables available that it can be hard to keep track of them all. There are some vegetables that we rarely think about. People usually go for the more common vegetables like green beans, broccoli, carrots, and […]

Health Benefits Of Irish Moss

Among the many foods that are considered to be super foods, Irish Moss is a lesser known item. Irish moss is a species of seaweed, that grows in massive amounts in the rocky parts of the Atlantic coasts of America and Europe. It also is found in parts of the Pacific. It gets it’s name […]

What Is Juvenon? Does It Work?

Whether you’re for or against taking supplements, sometimes they are necessary. If you track your food intake and track certain nutrients, you can figure out what you’re lacking. Not getting enough calcium? Take a calcium supplement. Not getting enough iron in your diet? There are iron supplements available to help with that. But what about […]

5 Ways Massage Therapy Promotes Weight Loss

The following article was written by Elise Degrass who writes about Massage Therapy for MassageTherapy.net Massage therapy has been practiced for many years mainly for relaxation but the aspect of using it as a weight loss solution is slowly coming to the fore front. Weight loss massage may sound too good to be true but […]

Home Remedies To Straighten Hair Naturally

Do you suffer from hair envy? Is your hair curly, but you wish it were straight? It’s more common than you think. People admire hairstyles that they think they can’t achieve on their own. People who have curly or wavy hair, want to have straight hair. It goes the other way around too. For this […]

The Health Benefits Of Taking A Steam Bath

Steam baths have been around for a very long time. Steam baths originate from Rome. Ancient Greeks and Romans used steam baths as ways to socialize, and they were a regular part of the culture. Over time this concept grew more popular, and spread to other countries. The ancient Greek physician, Hippocrates, discovered that steam […]

4 Health Benefits Of Mangoes

You may have heard nutritionists say that we need to “eat a rainbow of color” every time we sit down at a meal. The best way to get color into our meals is by incorporating fruits and vegetables. Think of a color in the rainbow color scheme, and you can find a fruit or vegetable […]