Causes and Treatment for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Compression of the median nerve within the carpal tunnel of the forearm causes carpal tunnel syndrome. The carpal tunnel is a space in the wrist surrounded by bones and ligaments that hold the bones together. Running up this tunnel is the median nerve and the tendons responsible for flexing the fingers. Often caused by lifestyle […]

Natural Antifungals

Candida. Yeast infection. Jock itch. Athlete’s foot. Thrush. Ringworm. Different words for the same beast—fungus. We’ve all been affected. But what do we do about it? A quick search through that big superstore we all love to avoid shows products up to $18 a tube. But do they really work? And what are the possible […]

Natural Ways to Cope with Anxiety Disorders

There are several different types of anxiety disorders but many have similar symptoms; the overwhelming similarity between all types of anxiety disorders is that they can totally disrupt your life to the point that you are afraid to go anywhere or do anything because of the fears associated with your condition. Although prescribed medication may […]

5 Ways to Lower Blood Sugar Naturally

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention 26 million Americans have diabetes. They also predict that if current trends continue, 1 in 3 Americans will have diabetes by 2050.  In light of these staggering statistics, I’d like to share five sure-fire ways to help lower your sugar—for those who feel they’ve tried everything. […]

Natural Help For An Enlarged Prostate

The prostate gland is a small organ, located just below the bladder, which surrounds the urethra. Only men have prostate glands. In a young man, the prostate is about the size of a walnut. However, as a man ages the prostate enlarges. The two functions of the prostate are: help control urination and assist in […]

Valerian And Valium

Anxiety is a condition that is suffered by many people – and it is a condition that many people also seek help with; there are several ways to deal with anxiety, one of which is the use of synthetic prescription drugs such as valium (diazepam). However, there is a natural alternative to such drugs, including […]

5 Natural Cures for Back Pain

I’ve often thought that I can pursue my career for as many years as I want because it is not physically strenuous. However, with several weeks of low back pain, I’ve found that there is something that can prevent me from sitting at a computer for more than five minutes at a time. Perhaps you, […]