Cinnamon As A Treatment For Diabetes And Digestion

While waiting in line at the pharmacy, recently, I noticed that next to the supplies for diabetics—glucose tablets, lancets, and alcohol wipes—they displayed cinnamon capsules. “Why?” I wanted to know. A quick search in my library turned up that cinnamon (cinnamomum verum) can be used to lower blood glucose levels. According to a study discussed […]

Natural Acne Remedies

No one knows the agony of a bad case of acne more than a teenager with one—or his mother. When we realized our oldest child would suffer so, my husband and I tried one treatment plan after another. When we saw no results, we decided to educate ourselves on a more natural approach. There are […]

Best Natural Candida Infection Treatment

This article is written by James Schreiber. James is a former Candida sufferer who managed to reclaim a naturally healthy life. He writes on the topic of overcoming Candida infection while shattering stigmas and embracing a holistic approach to recovery. Candida infection is one of those illnesses that can compromise the quality of your life for years without you […]

The Gerson Therapy Diet: A Natural Way to Cure Cancer?

Most therapy treatments, allopathic or alternative, treat a person’s symptoms rather than the causes of the illness. Doctor Max B. Gerson’s 60-year-old therapy, however, takes a whole body approach to healing. Without focusing on symptoms, the Gerson Therapy Diet strives to restore the body to health; thereby enabling it to heal itself. Gerson (1881-1959) began […]

What Are Symptoms of Gluten Allergy

Gluten: in the natural health community, it’s become a dirty word, because more and more people are realizing that they are either sensitive to or have an allergy to gluten. What is gluten? Why are so many people finding out that they have a gluten allergy or sensitivity? Here’s a closer look at gluten and […]

Symptoms Of A Lack Of Iron In The Blood

We require a diverse amount of nutrients to stay healthy. When we are deficient in certain nutrients, our bodies show signs and symptoms of that deficiency. Having a low iron count is once of those deficiencies that can show symptoms. Having a low iron count can lead to a problem known as iron deficiency anemia. […]

Home Remedies For Ear Wax Removal

Not being able to hear out of one ear due to a wax blockage can be aggravating. It is normal to have some ear wax inside the ear. Ear wax is a self cleaning mechanism. The ear is constantly making wax Tiny hairs push the wax out of your ear along with any dust, dirt, […]