Websites To Check Your Symptoms Online

It’s never fun to get sick or get injured. It can sometimes be frustrating to go to the doctor and have him tell you that all you have is the flu or an over use type of injury. A favorite personal motto in my life is this: No one knows my body better than I […]

6 Health Benefits of Ginger

For centuries, ginger has been used as a home remedy, and by homeopathic doctors to help ease numerous health complaints. Ginger is very easy on the body, and does not cause unpleasant side effects like typical western prescription drugs. Although ginger should never replace an important medication your doctor has recommended, it can be extremely […]

Essential Oil Remedy For Hemorrhoids

I don’t think anyone enjoys talking about the subject of hemorrhoids. Unfortunately they happen, and they can be very unpleasant. What are hemorrhoids exactly? They occur when the veins of the anus or rectum get inflamed or swollen. They also go by the term “piles.” According to Wikipedia, “The anatomical term ‘hemorrhoids’ technically refers to […]

Baking Soda And Water For Indigestion?

Indigestion affects just about everyone at some point in life. You’ve probably dealt with indigestion also, and you know just how uncomfortable it can be. There are many over the counter medicines to ease the discomfort that comes with indigestion. If you suffer from persistent indigestion, buying over the counter medications can get quite expensive […]

Apple Cider Vinegar For Ringworm

Ringworm is caused by a fungal infection that affects the skin of humans, as well as the skin of domesticated animals like cats and dogs. The fungi of ringworm feed off skin that is moist and warm, and usually can be found in the nails, hair, or outer layer of the skin. They can sometimes […]

Diabetes-What It Is and How to Prevent It

Diabetes is a condition affecting over 48 million people every year. There are 2 types of diabetes, simply known as Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes. Type 1 diabetes is more common in children, but can develop at any age. It is also known as juvenile diabetes. Those affected with Type 1 diabetes are insulin […]

Finding a Natural Remedy for Headaches

Everybody gets headaches. Some get them more often, and some people get them everyday. The standard way to get rid of one is to go to the medicine cabinet, take some aspirin or other medicine and be done with it, hopefully. However, there are many ways to apply a natural remedy for headaches, and many important reasons for doing so…