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Yoga and Migraines

Just a couple weeks ago, I had the worst headache that I can remember having. As it worsened, I laid on the couch covering my eyes and the nausea increased. By the time I went to bed, the nightlight caused me to cringe because it intensified the pain so much. So a few days ago […]

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New Treatment For Diabetes

Diabetes is rated as the fifth most powerful killer disease after HIV and cancer. In spite of the advances in technical medical research, modern medicine has not found out any cure for diabetes. You will find that most of these patients continue to suffer the effects of diabetes and develop many complications. It is because […]

Combining Conventional Medicine and Natural Therapy to Deal With Your Health Conditions

A debate has recently ensued regarding which is better: conventional medicine or natural therapy. A combination of the two is likely the best solution. Conventional Medicine Conventional medicine is traditional health care. This can include normal practices such as office visits and prescription drugs. To deny the importance of physician care would be to deny […]