Health Benefits of Pau d’Arco Tea

Native to South America, pau d’arco (Tabebuia spp.) is found in various parts of the tropical/subtropical world. Its range includes areas of southern Florida and northern Mexico to northern Argentina, including the Caribbean Islands. Also known as tahibo or trumpet tree, the pau d’arco grows from 16 to 160 feet tall, depending on the species. […]

Can Yoga Help Anxiety and Depression?

Depression and anxiety are common illnesses of today’s fast paced society; often one is accompanied by the other, leading to a viscous circle to which there seems no escape. However, studies have shown that yoga might be a a natural tool to coping with some of the symptoms and problems associated with both depression and […]

The Health Benefits Of Keeping A Dream Journal

Journaling is good for your health in more ways than one – but what about a dream journal? Research into what our dreams mean has been contested by significant names in history such as Sigmund Freud (1856-1939) and Carl Jung (1875-1961) for centuries and, although in many ways we are no scientifically nearer the truth […]

4 Unknown Health Benefits of A Rocking Chair

We acquired our first rocking chair when I was pregnant with our first child. After all, who can have a baby without a rocker? Babies and rockers seem to go together. In fact, studies have proven that the rocking motion calms babies, helping them to sleep. And when a baby sleeps, the entire family can […]

Vitamin D To Prevent & Treat Cancer

This is a video from a few years ago by Dr. Mercola, but it is still a good and friendly reminder about how important getting sun exposure is! Enjoy! [tentblogger-youtube vpifXPOmjis]

Natural Antifungals

Candida. Yeast infection. Jock itch. Athlete’s foot. Thrush. Ringworm. Different words for the same beast—fungus. We’ve all been affected. But what do we do about it? A quick search through that big superstore we all love to avoid shows products up to $18 a tube. But do they really work? And what are the possible […]

Learn To Eat Local, Organic Food And Transition from Factory Food

I haven’t always eaten a healthy, organic, fanatically local diet. In fact, I don’t now. I do what I can, when I can; and I try not to feel guilty about the rest. But the one obstacle I hear regularly when I counsel someone to make dietary changes is that they cannot afford it. I […]