Bikram Yoga for Beginners

Normally a room brewing its own temperature of 105 degrees would warrant an air conditioner. Fast! But for thousands of yogis around the globe, a hot room is just what they need to release muscle tension and a load of pent up toxins in the forms of caffeine, junk food, and pollution. Bikram Yoga, a […]

The Buzz Over Bee Pollen

Green tea. Ginseng. Fish oil. These product names are exposed endlessly in health publications as solid additions to a daily diet and they surely deserve a top slot when it comes to taking extra steps to improve your health status. But a new supplement is getting more PR these days and I am having a […]

Maternal Benefits of Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding provides an amazing bonding experience between mother and baby. It provides without question the best nutrition for baby.  Many people do not realize that breastfeeding is also extremely beneficial towards the health of the mother. Benefits to the Breastfed Infant They have fewer illnesses. If they do get sick, the effects are milder. They […]

Good Food For Eye Health

The following article was written by Dr. David Cronauer, a graduate of Wilkes University Pennsylvania College of Optometry affiliated, accelerated program, is affiliated with Replace My Contacts, provider of discount contact lenses on more than 150 brands, including Air Optix Aqua, Acuvue Oasys, SofLens Multifocal, and many more. Dr. Cronauer focuses vision related problems for head injury and stroke […]

Why Chocolate is Good for the Heart

Chocolate is a favorite gift to give to a loved one on Valentine’s day; however, chocolate is associated with the “affairs of the heart” in more ways than one. Chocolate contains many vitamins, minerals and other ingredients, including flavonoids. Studies have shown that flavonoids have been linked to protection against heart disease. Where Chocolate Comes […]

What Are The Benefits To Drinking A Lot Of Water?

Water is the most valuable life source that we need to survive; without water, we would only survive a few days. This is not really surprising, given that up to 70 percent of our bodies are composed of water. Our bodies require water to carry out daily functions and too little water can cause dehydration […]

How to Make Yerba Mate Tea and why you would want to

Yerba mate is a shrub found in the rainforest of South America. A country such as Argentina, Chile, Paraguay and Brazil is where yerba mate can be found naturally. The leaves can be made to brew a strong tea and is a nationally made drink. It is also an alternative medicine source made to counteract […]