Information about the swine flu vaccine

I just got this article from a friend titled “10 things you aren’t supposed to know about the Swine Flu Vaccine.” Not all 10 points need to be shared, but there were a few things worth mentioning from it… In case you aren’t aware, the government is working to create mandatory Swine Flu Vaccinations. If […]

Protect yourself against Mandatory Vaccinations from the Government

You probably have heard a little bit about the government’s plans to initiate mandatory vaccinations for the Swine Flu Virus. While it seems like something that can only happen in movies, it is very close to being executed…

Minimizing Formaldehyde exposure

These are 4 tips for minimizing formaldehyde exposure in your home…

Cell phone radiation dangers

These are a few videos that shine some light on the dangers of cell phone radiation…

What to do if you get the swine flu

These are some of the common and easy things you can do if you get the swine flu…

The Hidden Agenda: The Fluoride deception Video

I grew up drinking tap water and always thought, “well I am still alive, so it must be okay.” But, the sad truth is that so many people just overlook things if it doesn’t kill them instantaneously – being killed from something over decades seems to be much more politically correct. This is an interesting video that should be watched if you are on the fence with the whole flouride issue.

The world according to Monsanto DVD

I found this 2 hour long documentary about Monsanto which is pretty scary. After watching some of this, you see a scary parallel to what was happening in the movie “Erin Brockovich”. Basically, Monsanto allegedly (or not) covered up a lot of polluting that they were doing in small towns that was the likely cause of dozens of terrible diseases and ultimately lives lost. I try to take documentaries like this with a grain of salt, since you never know who or what agenda may be behind it, but it is scary nonetheless.