How to Make Milk Gravy

My mother always worked outside the home. When she was home, she spent her time fashioning beautiful and useful garments for her family and clients—not cooking. Consequently, I grew up on lovingly-prepared meals out of a box or can. Everything I now know about cooking from scratch and using whole foods from my own backyard, […]

How To Grow A Table Top Indoor Garden

You may dream of growing all of your own food, but your personal reality might not be as romantic as a rural retreat with an acre of ground in the south of France (my as yet unfulfilled vision for living my good life). You may be an urban eco-warrior, or like me a suburban greenie. […]

Health Benefits of…Roses?

I’ve seen wild roses in abundance along many country roads. Most people only think of the rose as a fragrant flower; and in the wild, a pesky weed. But I’d like to share not only fragrant ways to use the roses, but healthful ways to use the rose hips. Source of Vitamin C The rose […]

Picking Wild Berries

Some plants we eat, I think, by default. Because they do not poison, we ingest them to fill hungry stomachs. Like turnips, they bring no other satisfaction or inspiration to life. Other plants we eat for the sheer delight they bring, arousing the palate and brightening the mood—like berries. Red, black, blue, a veritable rainbow […]

Health Benefits From Coconut Oil

When I read this story of Bruce Flett, I was shocked. This man spent the greater part of last year suffering with dementia as a result of an infection in his heart and a valve replacement. Flett was unable to dial the telephone, use the computer, talk clearly, or even take care of his own […]

Health Benefits and Risks of Eggs

Eggs are associated with Easter; from chocolate covered Easter eggs to hard boiled eggs that are painted and decorated by children, it is hard to avoid eggs at Easter time. Real eggs (as oppose to the chocolate-covered variety) have many nutritional benefits but they also carry some risks for particular health problems. Eggs need to […]

5 Foods That Make Great Beauty Products

In my pursuit of an organic lifestyle, I often think of the mantra associated with cosmetics multi-millionaire Helena Rubinstein – “Don’t put anything on your face that you wouldn’t put in your mouth”. In fact, it really does form the cornerstone of my personal care routine – not least because up to seventy percent of […]