How To Cook And Grow Swiss Chard

Imagine coming in from shoveling snow or defrosting animal water troughs on a bitter cold, winter day and the smell that lures you to the kitchen. On inspection, you see just another pot of vegetable soup simmering on the stove. But the flavor is like no vegetable soup you’ve ever tried. Such was our experience […]

8 Breakfast Foods That Will Give You Protein

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day as the body essentially “fasts” while you sleep; this means that when you wake up your body needs to “re-stock” with energy to get going again. However, many people skip breakfast or do not eat the right mix of nutrients that help the body to get […]

Why Young Women Need Iron

Iron is just one of the important minerals that the body needs to function. Iron is particularly important to young women for a couple of reasons. Women lose iron through the monthly menstrual cycle; in addition, pregnant women require more iron. Iron deficiency in young women can have a number of effects; however, many young […]

Good Food For Eye Health

The following article was written by Dr. David Cronauer, a graduate of Wilkes University Pennsylvania College of Optometry affiliated, accelerated program, is affiliated with Replace My Contacts, provider of discount contact lenses on more than 150 brands, including Air Optix Aqua, Acuvue Oasys, SofLens Multifocal, and many more. Dr. Cronauer focuses vision related problems for head injury and stroke […]

Lose Weight With The Mediterranean Diet

The following is a guest post by Peter. He writes about mediterranean diet and other modern ways of healthy living. Introduction Once you decide it’s time to lose weight and do a bit of research on what you can do, you’d find that there are a lot of diets to choose from. All of them […]

Why Chocolate is Good for the Heart

Chocolate is a favorite gift to give to a loved one on Valentine’s day; however, chocolate is associated with the “affairs of the heart” in more ways than one. Chocolate contains many vitamins, minerals and other ingredients, including flavonoids. Studies have shown that flavonoids have been linked to protection against heart disease. Where Chocolate Comes […]

5 Herbs To Help Women Conceive Naturally

Most fertility problems are caused by hormonal imbalances. Clinical studies indicate that women who have unexplained infertility or those who are struggling to conceive after the age of 35 could be helped by getting their hormones back into balance. Some examples of hormonal imbalances are: An estrogen imbalance (usually excessive) can cause conditions such as […]