A Simple and Extremely Effective Homemade Plant Fertilizer Recipe

So I recently did some digging trying to find some recipes for homemade plant fertilizer and these are a few of what I found. I was looking for something simple to make that I could use with cheap and easy to find household ingredients. My favorite plant food recipe that I found was this one… […]

When You Find Yourself In The Hospital

As a person who desires to live life as natural as possible, you may have never considered having to face a hospital emergency room. Or, if the thought had crossed your mind, perhaps, it gave you a little shudder and you promptly suppressed it. I want to share with you that, if prepared; a hospital […]

How To Season An Old Cast Iron Skillet

Cast iron is one of the best materials you can use for cooking. Cast iron cookware is sturdy and gets your food cooked all the way through. One of the down sides to using a piece of cast iron cookware, is it doesn’t come with a non-stick coating. In order to create a non-stick coating, […]

Giveaway | Libre Loose Leaf Tea Glass

Great News! We have a Giveaway from the wonderful people over at Libre. A couple of months ago I wrote about the Libre Tea Glass and how much we love it. We’re big loose leaf tea drinkers and this durable container is perfect for us. Plus, it’s really cool looking! Here are some great features […]

5 All-Natural & Organic Dog Food Options

You are a health conscious individual. You make sure you put healthy food into your body, and that you get all of the essential vitamins and minerals. But what about your dog? Is your dog getting the best food, or just the every day run of the mill dog food? Your pet deserves to eat […]

4 Organic Makeup Options For Women

Women want to look their best. Women want to look beautiful for many reasons. Makeup is a way to cover up blemishes and wrinkles, making a person look, and possibly feel, younger. Not all makeup is created equal, however. You have regular makeup, made with various dyes and chemicals, which can be unhealthy for you. […]

Brazil wants you to pee in the shower

I found this on Huffington Post and really wish I could verify that it is legit. But apparently Brazil is trying to conserve water by encouraging people to pee in the shower rather than having to flush the toilet. It never ceases to amaze me how different some cultures are. Can you imagine seeing a […]

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