An Apple A Day Keeps The Doctor Away

Apples are one of the most common and popular fruits in people’s diets today. This juicy piece of fruit can be made into many delicious snacks. Deserts such as candied apples, apple pie, or a cut up apple with cinnamon sprinkled on it. No matter how you eat them, apples are just plain delicious. Most […]

4 Health Benefits Of Mangoes

You may have heard nutritionists say that we need to “eat a rainbow of color” every time we sit down at a meal. The best way to get color into our meals is by incorporating fruits and vegetables. Think of a color in the rainbow color scheme, and you can find a fruit or vegetable […]

More pesticides for strawberries

I have long known about the high levels of pesticides used on conventional pesticides – and in fact I remember one article that claimed that conventional strawberries had as much as 10x as many pesticides as some of the other fruit they were sharing shelf space with. A friend recently passed along an article to […]

The Health Benefits Of Avocados

The avocado tree is native to the Mexican, Caribbean, Central American, and South American regions. Avocados also go by the names alligator pear or butter pear. The fruit is shaped like a pear, but tastes vastly different. Perhaps one of the things that first come to mind when someone mentions avocado, is guacamole. The green […]

6 Health Benefits of Ginger

For centuries, ginger has been used as a home remedy, and by homeopathic doctors to help ease numerous health complaints. Ginger is very easy on the body, and does not cause unpleasant side effects like typical western prescription drugs. Although ginger should never replace an important medication your doctor has recommended, it can be extremely […]

6 Natural Weight Loss Tips

This is a guest post by Chris. Chris maintains a weight loss tips blog. In his blog you can find many ways to help you lose weight using natural methods. Many people try to turn to modern chemistry to accomplish their weight loss goals. Diet pills are big business all over the world. However, many […]

The Health Benefits of Drinking Black Tea

There’s nothing like a hot cup of tea to get your day off on the right foot. There’s literally thousands of types of teas you can choose from. Herbal teas, weight loss teas, green teas, white teas, black teas, caffeinated teas, non caffeinated teas. The list goes on and on. Each tea has different health […]