The Best Flowers For Romance

Many flowers have traditionally been associated with romance throughout the centuries. Rose is perhaps the most well known of romantic flowers. However, did you know that there are several species of other flowers which are also associated with romance – and which also have therapeutic benefits? Herbs Which Were Used in Weddings Today we might […]

The Difference Between Rose and Rose Geranium

Roses and rose geraniums are not the same flower; although they both have health benefits, roses and rose geraniums have different botanical names, belong to different plant families and are composed differently. Here is a short profile of each type of plant species, highlighting the difference between a rose and a rose geranium. Botanical Profile […]

5 More Uses for Pine Cones

Pine cones are prevalent throughout the winter months and you can find many pine cones lying on the ground, either in your own yard or when you are out walking on trails, depending upon which state you live in. Once a pine cone has fallen from the tree, its botanical life is usually over. However, […]

How to Extend Your Growing Season—Inexpensively

The day before Thanksgiving I harvested the last of the broccoli I planted this year. It was beautiful. The heads were so tight and green and there was not a single worm. I love fall gardening much better than the hot summertime. But you’re probably wondering what I can grow in the cooler temperatures. Well, […]

Health of Chocolate In Aromatherapy

My love affair with chocolate began at a early age and as an aromatherapist I have been trying to combine both the benefits of chocolate and aromatherapy, in a natural way, for a couple of years! Although there are many products out there with synthetic chocolate aromas, some of which do resemble the aroma of […]

5 of the Most Popular Spices and Their Uses

As the winter evenings grow longer, we traditionally start to think of things that make us feel warm, happy and healthy! Culinary spices often fall into this category, particularly as spices are often added to various celebratory dishes. However, spices have medicinal benefits too. Five of the most popular spices that are used during the […]

Arnica and St. John’s Wort Liniment

I’ve told you before that Kloss’ Liniment is one of my favorite medicinals, and Arnica (Arnica montana) is a close second. With boys in the house, and gardening/homesteading chores to do, we see a lot of bruises and sore muscles. Also known as the mountain daisy, mountain tobacco, or wolf’s bane, arnica is recommended by […]