The Different Flowers That Make Up Bach Rescue Remedy

Bach rescue remedy is one of the most popular, and most well known, flower remedies for naturally treating conditions such as shock and stress; it is useful to have a bottle handy if you are going for a job interview, just received bad news, taking a journey, speaking at a public event or attending a […]

Valerian And Valium

Anxiety is a condition that is suffered by many people – and it is a condition that many people also seek help with; there are several ways to deal with anxiety, one of which is the use of synthetic prescription drugs such as valium (diazepam). However, there is a natural alternative to such drugs, including […]

Use of Alkanet in Natural Cosmetics

Have you ever wondered how to get color in your natural cosmetics, such as lip balms and lotions, without using a synthetic product? I recently came across a plant extract which can add a red tint to your home made cosmetics. Alkanet is a plant that is alternatively known by the names dyer’s alkanet or […]

What is the Difference Between Cocoa Butter and Shea Butter?

Cocoa butter and shea butter are two popular ingredients that are used as bases in many natural skincare products. Although people often confuse the two products, they are in fact extracted from two very different trees. The chemical composition and uses of the final skincare product are very similar but it is useful to understand […]

Uses For St John’s Wort

St John’s Wort (Hypericum perforatum) is an ancient herb that was used extensively by the Greeks and the Romans, amongst other ancient civilizations. Today it is still used as a natural treatment for many conditions. However, overuse of St John’s Wort can cause some allergic reactions, so it is useful to understand what the plant […]

How To Grow A Table Top Indoor Garden

You may dream of growing all of your own food, but your personal reality might not be as romantic as a rural retreat with an acre of ground in the south of France (my as yet unfulfilled vision for living my good life). You may be an urban eco-warrior, or like me a suburban greenie. […]

Picking Wild Berries

Some plants we eat, I think, by default. Because they do not poison, we ingest them to fill hungry stomachs. Like turnips, they bring no other satisfaction or inspiration to life. Other plants we eat for the sheer delight they bring, arousing the palate and brightening the mood—like berries. Red, black, blue, a veritable rainbow […]