Different Types of Orange Essential Oil

There are various types of orange essential oils that are used in aromatherapy; three types of orange oil are extracted from different parts of the orange tree. In addition, another type of orange oil is extracted from a different species of orange tree. Orange oil is a popular essential oil that is used in aromatherapy […]

Growing a Fragrant Garden With Health Benefits

Many people seek out a quiet place of solitude in the garden for contemplation and to rest from the day. The sights and sounds of the garden heal both in auditory and visual ways but there is one sense that is stimulated more quickly than any others. Fragrance is one of the greatest healers in […]

5 Ways to Use Lavender in Your Home and Garden

Lavender is a classical plant that has been used since ancient times, in one form or another, and remains in popular use today. There are many different types of lavender, including a myriad of lavender cultivars; some species of lavender are more suitable for health applications than others, although the fragrance of all lavender species […]

Jewelweed Leaf: Nature’s Antihistamine

Jewelweed is a common weed, marked by its bright orange flowers, often found growing along the edges of creek beds and lawn borders. This plant has long been recognized as a natural remedy for dermatitis: Poison Ivy, Oak, Sumac, bug bites, and eczema. The juice from Jewelweed has been used by Native Americans in the Appalachian region for […]

How To Keep Rabbits Out Of Your Garden

Rabbits are a common nuisance to the gardener; they may at first look cute hopping across your yard – but they are not so cute when they are munching their way through your prize flowers and vegetables! In some states it is illegal to hunt rabbits (or a hunting permit is required), so how do you […]

4 Natural Repellents For Your Home Garden

Commercial garden pesticides contain lethal and toxic chemicals that impose many health risks; as an alternative, you can use many different plants as natural insect and pest repellents in the garden. The Lamiaceae plant family probably contains the highest number of plants that are widely available for many gardens. Plants such as lavender, thyme, rosemary, […]

How to Make Herbal Remedies—Teas and Tinctures

Making your own herbal remedies is easy and can save you money. The two most common ways to administer medicinal herbs are with teas and tinctures. Before beginning you want to make sure that you start with fresh, quality herbs. If you’re picking them out of your garden, that is easier to assure, but what […]