The Health Benefits of Spirulina

The health benefits of what, you ask? I suppose it would be better for me to actually tell you what this is before going into the benefits that it provides. What is Spirulina? Spirulina is a fresh water or blue green alga; it grows in the waters of South America and Africa. This little bacterium […]

Top 5 Benefits of Fish Oil

Fish oil is a dietary supplement derived from the fatty tissue of oily fish such as tuna, salmon, and mackerel. This oil has many benefits when it comes to your health. This oil contains DHA and EPA fatty acids, which play and extremely important role in proper brain function, a healthy nervous system, and good […]

2 Natural Ways To Improve Vision

Some lucky folks are born with perfect vision but for the others who are not there are ways to fix and improve the vision. For some people their vision is so blurry that getting a pair of glasses or contact lesnses is really the most effective way to improve their vision. One of the first […]

The 4 Main Health Benefits of Liquid Chlorophyll

I can imagine you now, blinking at the title of this post. “Chlorophyll?” you ask yourself. “Isn’t that something that plants need? I think they told me about it in grade school.” You’re correct! Chlorophyll is often called the “blood” of plant life and is one of the leading components in photosynthesis. It’s what gives […]

The Health Benefits of Acai Berries

Like many people these days, you’ve seen ads for acai berries. Touted as one of the new “Super Foods” you may have quickly dismissed this as marketing hype. Many people do, but let’s take a minute and really see what are the health benefits of taking acai, whether as juice, berries, powder, capsules or any other form you can find on the market. First of all, why can’t acai berries be found at your local grocery store? What do they even look like?

NuGo Nutrition To Go All-Natural Snack Bars Review

NuGo recently sent me some of their products for review, so I thought I’d tell you about them. I tried 4 different bars, one of which was Gluten free, and enjoyed them all! I enjoy snack bars. They’re a quick way to get some food in you when you don’t have time. But these bars have many health benefits which is great!

CherryPharm All-Natural Cherry Juice Review

The sample pack they sent me came with 3 drinks (the Natural Health, Natural Recovery, and Natural Light). I drank the natural health one first and I have to say it is indeed tart. I generally don’t like juice drinks that are too sweet, but this was probably the most tart juice drink I’ve had. The next day I tried the Natural Light drink because it is lightly sweetened with Stevia and it was still tart, but as I expected it was a bit sweeter.