Health benefits of Iodine and 4 reasons why you need it

4 Top Reasons Why You Need Iodine! Ok, so you’ve generally heard about Iodine…I mean your mom used to pour it on your cuts and scrapes when you were a kid, right? Ouch, you still remember that, don’t you? But did you also realize that Iodine plays a GIGANTIC role in your body’s over-all health…and […]

True Lemon Packets Review

As you may already know there are many health benefits of drinking lemon water. Squeezing a little lemon into your glass of water is one of the best ways to start working your way to an alkaline body. So the True Lemon folks created a way to simplify the process by turning the lemon juice into crystallized lemon in a packet form. It makes it a lot easier to take it with you when you are not at home.

5 natural ways to lower or reduce cholesterol

Sometimes despite your best attempts at eating right and exercising, you’re diagnosed with an elevated cholesterol level. If your cholesterol level is extremely high, your doctor may recommend prescription medications as the initial treatment. Although in some cases a prescription is necessary, some people may be given the option of bring their cholesterol level down […]

Comfort Bar Review

The nice folks who make the Comfort Bar sent me one to try. So here are my thoughts about it.

Mangosteen Juice: The pros and cons

Mangosteen Juice comes from the mangosteen, a fruit native to Southeast Asia. The mangosteen is known to be rich in antioxidants and xanthones, a chemical found in particular plants, and is therefore often touted as a natural way to help prevent or treat cancer. The fruit itself has an edible white pulp inside surrounded by […]

Vitamin C: A History Of Healing

Vitamin C, or ascorbic acid, is a vital nutrient for humans. Failure to consume proper amounts will result in scurvy, involving liver spots on the skin, spongy gums and bleeding from the mucus membranes. Throughout human history, a varied diet has been known to be healthy. Wherever possible this has been done, but there have […]

3 Criteria for a Supplement that Works

Today, with many prescription drugs having a variety of negative side effects, many people are turning to supplements instead of prescription drugs. There is a lot of hype surrounding supplements, and there are many who are convinced that supplements are the way to go. Since more and more people are using supplements, there are more […]