6 Natural Weight Loss Tips

This is a guest post by Chris. Chris maintains a weight loss tips blog. In his blog you can find many ways to help you lose weight using natural methods. Many people try to turn to modern chemistry to accomplish their weight loss goals. Diet pills are big business all over the world. However, many […]

The Health Benefits of Drinking Black Tea

There’s nothing like a hot cup of tea to get your day off on the right foot. There’s literally thousands of types of teas you can choose from. Herbal teas, weight loss teas, green teas, white teas, black teas, caffeinated teas, non caffeinated teas. The list goes on and on. Each tea has different health […]

The Bountiful Health Benefits of Cherries

A cherry enriched diet will provide many important health benefits. Recent studies have found that a daily intake of cherries contain vitamin C, potassium, magnesium, iron, fiber, folate, and beta carotene.  Studies show that tart cherries contain the highest level of disease fighting antioxidants compared to most other fruits. Cherries also contain melatonin which is […]

How To Diet Effectively

Losing weight and dieting is one of the more challenging goals in the world, with millions buying into programs, books, and other things to learn how to achieve either of these. The truth is, even if the special regiment does work, it may only be for a short period, and then the subject is right […]

How To Make The Lemon Cayenne Pepper Detox Drink

Whether you’ve been eating healthy for years, or you’re just starting out, your body can accumulate toxins and other impurities. A build up of these materials can come from pesticides, foods that contain trans fats, exhaust fumes from cars, or certain chemicals in soda. A good way to combat this build up is to treat […]

How To Burn Fat Naturally

You would be surprised to know that the body burns fat naturally. It just does the job very slowly. An easy and convenient source of food has made this process invisible to most of us. Many think they need to spend ridiculous hours at the gym or pay hundreds of dollars for pills and supplements. […]

The Health Benefits of Acai Berries

Like many people these days, you’ve seen ads for acai berries. Touted as one of the new “Super Foods” you may have quickly dismissed this as marketing hype. Many people do, but let’s take a minute and really see what are the health benefits of taking acai, whether as juice, berries, powder, capsules or any other form you can find on the market. First of all, why can’t acai berries be found at your local grocery store? What do they even look like?