3 more reasons to drink a lot of water! (Day 3)

Slows Aging According to Colbert, “water does rejuvenate your skin, which can make you look years younger”. So the whole “fountain of youth” thing is kinda true! If you compare your skin to fruit, what happens when you dehydrate grapes? Raisins? What about plums? You get prunes right? Thinking about it that way makes it […]

Why water is essential to our health (Day 1)

Water: The essential health ¬†ingredient This chapter was interesting to read. I had no idea just HOW important is is to drink water. It really is one of the simplest things we can start doing to live a healthy life. Don emphasized over and over again how many patients he helped cure of a wide […]

How does gum chewing affect your health?

Who knew that chewing gum had so many great health benefits and could help you lose weight, reduce anxiety, and improve memory?

5 minutes of Yoga a day

Who knew that just 5 minutes of Yoga a day can be so helpful!

The Commerce Of Weight Loss

Millions of dollars are spent every year by people who are desperately trying to lose weight. Whether it is in a health food store or online, people from eighteen to eighty are buying products they hope will make them thinner. Everybodys looking for the miracle that will make fat disappear. Advertisements for weight loss products […]

What Is A Low Glycemic Diet?

When it comes to today’s society, the urgency to lose weight and capture a better body image is met with a wide-range of plans, products, and tips. The glycemic index is a new scientifically validated system which ranks the effects of carbohydrates on blood glucose levels. If carbohydrates quickly break down in sugar during digestion, […]

How to Do Push Ups The Right Way

Doing push ups well doesn’t mean doing a hundred push ups, or even a thousand. The best goal you can strive for when doing push ups is achieving perfect form. This means keeping your torso firm and controlled, keeping your legs taut and still, and keeping your breathing even and regular so that the push […]