How To Eat Right During The Holidays

If your schedule looks anything like mine, you are in for a dieter’s nightmare in the next coming weeks. Even those that do not necessarily try to watch their weight, but strive to just eat healthy, need to keep their eyes peeled for dietary traps this time of year. But if you enter the season […]

Arsenic in Apple Juice From China – Says Dr. Oz

Arsenic in apple juice—the breaking news of the past week. Started by Dr. Mehmet Oz, on his popular television program, this controversy has either raised fear and doubt in the minds of parents that regularly give apple juice to their children, or fueled the fire of scoffers who do not really care. When I was […]

How Scents Can Affect Your Health

Your sense of smell is one of your greatest assets when it comes to your natural health. You may not realize it but scent not only helps you to enjoy life more, it enhances your well being. If you lose your sense of smell, it may affect your quality of life, in addition to affecting […]

Learn To Eat Local, Organic Food And Transition from Factory Food

I haven’t always eaten a healthy, organic, fanatically local diet. In fact, I don’t now. I do what I can, when I can; and I try not to feel guilty about the rest. But the one obstacle I hear regularly when I counsel someone to make dietary changes is that they cannot afford it. I […]

Food, Inc. Movie Review

I know Food, Inc. has been out for a while. However, our family is so slow at getting to movies that I just watched Food, Inc. while we were on Staycation. This movie made such an impact on our thinking that I wanted to share it with you here. Prior to viewing, I did already […]

The Wonderful Health Benefits of Himalayan Sea Salt

Although many people are familiar with sea salts, not so many people are as familiar with crystal salts, such as Himalayan pink salt. Furthermore, if you are familiar with Himalayan crystal salt, you might be most familiar with Himalayan crystal lamps, which are a popular use for Himalayan salts. However, crystal salts such as Himalayan […]

Low Acid Coffee

Last week I wrote about the dangerous effects of caffeine and how I ultimately gave up coffee because it caused me horrible stomach pain. Well, recently, I was introduced to a way that I can enjoy coffee once again. While strolling through our local farmers’ market I spied a guy giving free samples of iced […]