CherryPharm All-Natural Cherry Juice Review

The nice folks from CherryPharm recently sent me a few bottles of their tart cherry juice to try out, so I figured I would write a quick little review about it. First off, I should say that I have never had cherry juice before so I don’t have a great basis for comparison.

Trying it out

The sample pack they sent me came with 3 drinks (the Natural Health, Natural Recovery, and Natural Light). I drank the natural health one first and I have to say it is indeed tart. I generally don’t like juice drinks that are too sweet, but this was probably the most tart juice drink I’ve had. The next day I tried the Natural Light drink because it is lightly sweetened with Stevia and it was still tart, but as I expected it was a bit sweeter.

cherrypharm all natural cherry juiceBy the time I finished the 4th drink in the pack, I was really starting to get used to the tart nature of the drink. For my taste, I wish at least one of the beverages was a bit sweeter, I would guess that some people wouldn’t be able to drink it if they weren’t prepared for it being as tart as it is.

But all that said, I prefer to eat and drink beverages more on how good they are for my body than just how they taste. From what I read about the CherryPharm Products – this is where they are shining.

Each bottle contains 50 whole cherries and is choc full of antioxidants (13,015 ORAC). This is what their website says…

CherryPharm Natural Health Cherry Juice is a proven all-natural 100% fruit juice based on the powerful health benefits found naturally in tart cherries. All our juices build off the growing body of evidence suggesting that antioxidants are best acquired through whole-food consumption, not in pill, extract or concentrated form.

So if you can handle a tart drink, short of juicing your own drink, this is probably one of the healthiest drinks available.


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