Comfort Bar Review

The nice folks who make the Comfort Bar sent me one to try. So here are my thoughts about it.

What is a Comfort Bar?

Comfort Bar.JPG

I think the best way to describe it is a more natural and organic version of a energy or protein bar. If you have ever had a “normal” energy/protein bar, you know they have a plethora of crazy ingredients. The Comfort Bar is full of Organic and Natural ingredients.

From the Comfort Bar website:

Organic Kosher ingredients, Nothing artificial, 15 Grams of Protein, Low Fat, Low Calorie, Natural Appetite Supressant. Gluten Free! Contains NO Wheat, NO Gluten, NO Trans Fats, NO Corn Syrups and NO Hydrogenated Oil, Sweetened with Organic Agave, (Lower Glycemic Index than Honey or Sugar), Easily Digestible.

Nutrition Facts

The bar has 15 grams of protein, 5 grams of fiber, and 23 grams of Carbs.

How does it taste?

I have to say that most of the nutrition bars I have eaten in the past tasted pretty terrible. But when they were yielding 30 grams of protein, I tried to overlook the miserable taste. While the Comfort Bar doesn’t taste quite as good as a candy bar, it is easily the best protein or energy bar I have eaten. The flavor that I received was “White Chocolate Cherry Chip” and was much better than I was expecting. I never would have picked that flavor out, but it actually was pretty good. All things considered, I would definitely pick this up over the “traditional” energy bars – it is more natural, healthier, and tastes better.

If you want to try one out you can find it here.


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