Using herbs to detox your liver and kidneys


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Have you ever wondered how to detox your liver? Well, If you have been feeling sluggish and bloated recently, it might be time to try a herbal detoxification. This involves getting rid of toxins so that the body is able to be cleansed more easily. This is particularly important for cleansing the liver, kidneys and lungs.

Why Have a Herbal Detoxification?

Detoxification can have several benefits. Most people find that it makes them feel healthier and more energetic. While most forms of detoxification involve sticking to a diet that rids the body of toxins, this does not fully cleanse the body. The most effective way to cleanse the liver, lungs and kidneys is to use herbal detoxification as well. Herbal detoxification tends to be quicker and more effective than a detoxification diet alone. In addition, it is usually more direct, as you can use specific herbs to cleanse the different organs in the body. These herbs should be readily available in health stores.

Herbs that can cleanse the liver include red beet, parsley, horsetail, birch leaves, chamomile and goldenrod. Herbs that can cleanse the lungs include slippery elm, marshmallow and Chinese ephedra. Herbs that can cleanse the kidneys include parsley, marshmallow, ginger, goldenseal and cedar berries. Some of these herbs can be used to cleanse more than one organ. For example, parsley can cleanse both the liver and the kidneys, while marshmallow can cleanse both the lungs and the kidneys.

How To Ingest The Herbs

For herbal detoxification purposes, the herbs can be ingested in several different ways. Herbs are available in a powder form that can added to meals. Alternatively, herbal tea is a good way to detox using herbs. Herb extracts are also a possibility but these can defeat the object of a herbal detoxification if they have been extracted using alcohol.

Performing Herbal Detoxification

To start the day, try a glass of hot water with lemon added in. This is a quick and simple way to cleanse the system. Sip herbal tea throughout the day in place of your normal choice of drink. If you are specifically intending to detox your liver, try herbal teas that contain dandelion, fennel or ginger. During your meals, add a powder form of the herbs that will be using to detox your body.

While you are using herbs to detox your body, it is recommended that you do not consume food and drink containing caffeine, alcohol, sugar, salt and additives. This means that your body is not being continuously overloaded with new toxins while it is trying to rid itself of the existing toxins. To perform herbal detoxification as effectively as possible, cut out red meat and dairy products as well. As this is only on a temporary basis of up to a month, it should not lead to any vitamin and mineral deficiencies. To limit the chances of deficiencies, increase your intake of fresh fruit and vegetables and up your intake of fibre. If you can afford to eat organically, this is the best option as it contains less toxins.

Have you used herbs to detox before? What were your results?


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