Does Oscillococcinum really work?

I recently got over a flu and when it started my wife suggested that I take this homeopathic medicine called Oscillococcinum.  Just like most people I was a little skeptical, but she was very emphatic that it had helped her flu go away a lot quicker. So on her recommendation I decided to give it a try.


Actually, let me step back. I hate taking drugs. I need to be feeling pretty bad to pop a tylenol or any other drug, I just don’t think it is worth the damage that it does to my liver and the weird side effects, etc. So, I typically just deal with the pain until it gets bad enough that I need to do something.

Does oscillococcinum really work

In the case of my most recent flu, that was the case. I could hardly sleep, I had a fever, chills and my body felt like 3 sumo wrestlers had tore me apart – I was achy and sore!

My wife to the rescue!

So my wife came to the rescue by running up to Walgreens and getting me some Oscillococcinum.  When you get the package, you find that it is 6 little containers containing some powdery substance. You are instructed to drop it in your mouth and let it dissolve. It tastes like sugar.

At this point I was feeling pretty miserable so I didn’t really care, I was willing to give it a try. To my amazement, just a couple hours later I felt noticeably better. I was still skeptical that maybe it was a placebo or something, but I continued to take it every 6 hours as instructed and continued to feel tremendously better to the point, I thought the flu bug was completely gone.

This is where my mistake was, I stopped taking it because I thought I was over it. A couple days later the symptoms returned pretty strong, but again as soon as I started taking the Oscillococcinum I began to feel a lot better.

Oscillococcinum side effects

I noticed no side effects when taking Oscillo. I am not sure if there are any, but I didn’t notice them if there were.

To answer the question – does Oscillococcinum really work?

I would have to give an emphatic yes. In fact, based on how it performed for me, I would say that it is amazing! And the beautiful thing is that it is all-natural, so it works and does it naturally rather than filling yourself full of drugs!

Have you had similar or different experiences with Oscillococcinum? If so let us know in the comments…

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  1. Oscillococcinum is part of homeopathic medicine. Generally it works great and doesn’t have the side effects of regular cold meds. Glad it worked out for you.

  2. Stacey Putnam says:

    My husband and I have four children and none of us had ever experienced the flu before until last year. Our oldest son (13 at the time) became sick fast and he had a temp. of 104*
    Not knowing that it was the flu, I didn’t take him to the doctor right away, thinking the fever would run it’s course, but after a few days, he continually got worse and by the time I got him to the doctor and they confirmed it was the flu. It was too late to start taking the prescription flu medicine the doctor said and this had to run it’s course.
    For five more days, my son ran a temp. of 104* and I was worried sick about him. I had a parent/teacher meeting with our other son’s teacher and I told her that one of our sons’s had the flu. She suggested that I buy Oscillococcinum and start giving it to him. I left the school and ran straight to CVS where I picked up several boxes because by this time, our other three children started feeling bad and I knew that it was probably making it’s way around the house. I came home and gave our son his first dose and then our other children some. Within 24 hours of giving our son the Oscillo, his temp. had broke and he started feeling better. The other three who were running low grade fevers were up running around and by the very next day, though our son was weak, he was so much better.

    I have told several people this story and suggest Oscillococcinum to everyone. Do I think it helped, well skeptics might say, well his fever had run for 7 long days and it ran it’s course, you might say that that is the case, however, I know that my son was still running the 104* fever when I gave this to him and I know that he hadn’t ate anything in over a day but by the end of that day, he was sitting up on the couch, eating some soup and drinking OJ, and much, much cooler to the touch.

    I am a believer!

  3. Stacey, I agree – I just had recently had a little fluish symptoms and started taking it and within 3 days – there was nothing…

  4. Oscillococcinum WORKS!!! It works so well, I will tell you that it’s 100% effective. Just a week or so ago, my husband started feeling run down, got a low grade fever along with the aches and pains but before he could get any sicker, I ran down to CVS and picked up a box of Oscillo for the first time. I was kind of taken back by the little vials of granules, but was definitely open to giving them a try. So to make a long story short, he took it and it worked SO WELL that within a couple of hours, he swore that he wasn’t sick anymore and refused to take another dose because he was “better.” So of course he started feeling bad again after about 6 hrs but I convinced him to keep taking it and he did. He was completely over it within 48 hrs and I am SOLD on Oscillo. I will never use anything else again.

  5. Hate to sound like a party pooper but after looking at the Oscillo’s content the active ingredient is so diluted your not absorbing anything but sugar… hence why it tastes like sugar… there isn’t a molecule of the original duck liver and heart which supposedly contains the beneficial bacteria. Flu symptoms go away for a lot of reasons and after reviewing factual evidence I doubt Oscillo is one of them. In most studies it was on par with placebo. This is coming from a teacher of young children who is always trying to stay healthy; not someone with an internet axe to grind…

  6. Ted is right. It works on the placebo level. It makes people fell better, because they expect to feel better. Most home remedies work the same way. Things that have been used for generations and thought helpful are found ineffective after careful study.

    Homeopathic medicines have not been shown to be effective. There is positive evidence for homeopathy, but it is weak. When looking at the whole of the evidence homeopathy depends on the placebo effect. The higher the quality of the evidence the more likely it is negative. This is the opposite of what you would see it was effective. False positives are a problem for all drug testing. That’s why the quality of the testing is so important. Even the best designed tests can have results that are incorrect.

  7. I think you need to study homeopathic medicine and find out how it is really made instead of reading the ingredient label. You’ve missed out entire process. It is an energetic and vibrationional medicine which you have to learn to understand if you will open up your mind. Homeopathic medicine was used to treat the Spanish Flu in 1918 which was the H1N1 strain. Those that took the homeopathic only 1% died where as patients who were treated with regular medince 30% died. Homeopathic medicine was mainstream until WW1 before chemical medicine came along with greedy drug companies. Homeopathic medicine and natural doctors were pushed out because of these new drugs. Thankful homeopathic medicine is on the forefront again along with natural doctors. Homeopathic med. is safe with no side effects compared to many drugs out there. Hippocrates the ‘father of medicine’ even used homeopathic medicine and was the first to discover it. Doctors today still take the ‘Hippocratic Oath” named after him.

  8. I came down with something last Friday, I woke up with chest pain and a squeezing sensation in my arm, Saturday I woke up with flu symptoms I went to the store and saw this stuff on the shelf, it was expensive, but I decided to give it a try since I saw “No Side Effects”.

    Well, I am afraid there is a side effect in a way… I began to feel better.

    I researched the stuff on Sunday, and came to the same conclusion as Ted, that it shouldn’t work, but it does, here it is Monday, I only have one dose left so I plan to get some more today.

    The first thing I have noticed is the sour taste in my mouth goes away in about 15 mins, after approx one half hour I begin to feel better. and notice the chills and aches are lessened, I wouldn’t go so far as to say gone, but lessened to the degree where I am able to go to work this morning.

    I am glad I tried this stuff and would recommend it to anyone.

  9. THis thing really works. Yesterday i found out my little brother got a flu and he was snizzing and coughing crazy.then it was MY turn.
    i started with light coughing and snizzing. I had this Ocillio stuff at home but didn’t know it would work SO well. i took one and my brother took one. Right away snizzing stoped and felt so much better but still feeling abit fluish.

    SO after 6 hours i took one again and again so in total i took 4 until today i don’t remeber being sick.:D and my brother he just took one i hear no coughing i don’t know what happened to him in detail but i don’t hear any coughing or snizzing.

  10. I think the people who have knocked homepathic medicine need to actually experience the benefits of using them and not just read the label. Cheryl has some valid points, especially about the H1N1 strain in 1918. Please open your mind and listen your own body… not just everything your MD has to say.

  11. Wow, it’s hard to imagine people still fall for this bullshit!

  12. “I think the people who have knocked homepathic medicine need to actually experience the benefits of using them and not just read the label.”

    Ingredients- Duck liver Diluted to one part in 10 to the 300 power universes. My mind says this is bullshit.

  13. My scientific mind didn’t believe in this stuff, but I was desperate to get better before going on a 15hr flight, particularly since my ears were already so painful, along with my throat; my entire body felt like it went under a compressor; I couldn’t sleep with the fever, cough and sneezing. So, when my friend Anita suggested Oscillo since all the other medecine didn’t work, I gave it a try. I slept so well last night; no more fever, much less aching, no more sneezing and coughing. I couldn’t believe it, and I wouldn’t have believed anybody else who would have told me that!
    I don’t know why this is not common knowledge. I feel like this is a miracle cure for the flu. This doesn’t mean that I believe in homeopathy, but again, I never tried it before. I know that this is not about the mental state of expecting to feel better because I was very sceptical. Since there are no side effects. it’s worth the $15 for 12 doses. I am taking a pack with me, just in case.

  14. People like Chris M are really infuriating and full of bull themselves.

    Science and technology have enriched our lives for sure, but there are still numerous discoveries to make and masses of explanations still needed for things like homeopathy which clearly work according to trials, yet we cannot understand fully their mechanisms.

    So while we wait for the understanding those of us who are open-minded and actually try these things can continue to gain their wonderful benefits whilst the sceptics and in some cases their big-pharma paymasters can continue in ignorance and unfortunately pain and suffering.

    In my own experience I am just emerging from flu symptoms that started Friday and are now nearly gone after 1.5 days of oscillo treatment.

    I had similar symptoms 3 months ago and spent more than 2 weeks ill or recovering…without the benefit of oscillo.

    Enough said !

  15. Lisa R. says:

    I definitely do not understand how this could work but strongly believe that it has worked for me many times. I work in a prison where illness spreads quickly and if I take the oscillo when I begin to feel like I’m coming down with something it almost always staves off any illness.

    Recently I did not take oscillo when my husband had a flu and I did get sick. I started taking the oscillo (also drank a lot of liquid and slept a lot) and felt much better within 24 hours.

  16. Mala Mohamed says:

    I was introduced to Oscillococcinum at Dischem. I was struggling to get rid of the flu–(like always) once i get it, it stays forever. I was also a little scepticle but said hey: i’ve got nothing to lose. I tried it and immediately saw results. This is better than taking any multi vitamin or effervescent. Oscillococcimun definitely works and makes your immune system stronger to fight flus and colds. I now take it once a week and i feel great. Also it tastes so good and i ;look forward to taking it every 6 weeks in the winter period.

  17. Mala Mohamed says:

    oh and it also worked for my 4 year old son who catches the flu easily as he is at creche……..Oscillo is great!

  18. Mel Clarke says:

    Oscillo is great and it works. I haven’t had a bad cold, or flu in 2 years since using this stuff. Combo it with Gammadyn (Cu-Au-Ag) which helps boost the immune system, helps ward off any illness’s. And, best of all, absolutely no side effects!

  19. Oscillococcinum does not work at all. It had absolutely zero effect on any of my flu symptoms. From now on I’m sticking with Dayquil, which stops all of my symptoms within an hour.

  20. This stuff is awesome!! My mom used to have the house stocked and would give it to me and it would work wonders. I never remember getting sick when she’d give it to me, I’m going to go get some now that the flu season is upon us. I never get the shot, you get sick anyway and I don’t like putting stuff in my body if I don’t absolutely have to.

  21. It works for me every time and if it’s all in my mind so be it. I see it this way, if these little sugar pills empowers my mind to believe that I’m not sick it’s worth the $10, sure beats being sick.

  22. I asked the pharmacist what could I take to keep me from getting sick since I was working with someone who was really sick and I was starting to feel sick myself. She recommended this. Told me she takes it herself. I started taking it and I did start feeling better. When I told a fellow coworker, she told me that they give it to her grandson, who’s had cancer, to help boost his immune system. His doctors recommended it.

  23. I love all these posts glad you all feel better!
    Just one problem… its not from Oscillococcinum?!
    Oscillococcinum is in fact a placebo made up of sugar and duck liver.
    you would have as much cure with a bowl of chicken noodle soup!

  24. Oscillococcinum (commonly shortened to Oscillo) is a homeopathic alternative medicine marketed to relieve influenza-like symptoms.

  25. Something for you all to think about: according to the manufacturers, the original duck liver and heart extract is diluted 200C. That means, when it’s all said and done, the concentration of the original substance is 1 part in 100^200 (that’s 1 followed by 400 zeroes). The amount of particles in the known universe is 10^100. In other words, even if you had a container the size of the known universe, odds are you still wouldn’t have even a SINGLE particle of the original substance in it. BUT, that’s not how this works. No, the manufacturers then take a few drops of their substance – scratch that, by this point, it’s just water – a drip it onto sugar pills. TADA! Miracle cure! So if you truly think oscillococcinum works for you, here’s a money saving tip: go to a restaurant, grab a few sugar packets, and gulp them down. You get the same amount of “active substance” as you do with these pills. And to those that don’t trust the science behind it, well, maybe you’ll trust the math of reality? If you can’t accept the rules that bound this universe, then you’re hopeless.

  26. If homeopathic medicine is such a croissants, how come my kids large pediatrician group of m.d.’ s ( not d.o.’ s) recommends homeopathic treatments like this?

  27. Joshua, me and you won’t get any positive effect by taking a packet of sugar, because we do know that it is of no help against flu. We would need a brainwash to start believing it (and thus start feeling better!).
    Placebo power!

  28. I know I am going to sound like a total kook for saying this but, everytime I get sick I take a shower, then I eat some garlic fries with malt vinegar and I feel so much better. I feel like the vinegar burns of whatever crap is in my throat and the garlic boots my immune system.
    Probably won’t work for everyone but its cheaper than the alternate.

  29. It’s great that oscillo works for all of you, but it is a placebo. Any effect from it is purely psychological, but that doesn’t make it wrong to take it. It’s like a friend visiting you or having flowers sent to you while you’re sick–neither has a biochemical basis for making your illness go away, but simply feeling happier or more hopeful can help.
    I think that if you do believe in oscillococcinum, having duck liver might work as effectively for you (and might be more satisfying).

    Lydia: Pediatricians recommend things like oscillococcinum for a number of reasons:
    (1) It prevents parents from demanding a traditional medication, like antibiotics or cold medications. It sounds like your child’s physician(s) are working to circumvent the progression of antibiotic resistance and the unnecessary use of harsh medication on your child’s body.

    (2) The placebo effect is very real. It works as long as you believe in it and your child’s physician’s job is to make your child feel better.

  30. Remember, by the way homeopathy “works”, you’re also getting a several C dilution of all the world’s fecal matter.

  31. When your active ingredient weighs less than a single atom of hydrogen, there is a problem.

  32. Since yesterday morning, when muscle und joint pain started, of course with fever, soar throat, stomach pain, etc. I took in the afternoon oscillo and I am still on it. Now I feel much better, except my throat, and I don’t care if its placebo effect or not as long as I’m not poisoning myself with other drugs I will take Oscillo. I used to take it before and my bf, too. And frankly, taking antibiotics in case of a virosis is nonsence! Antibiotics do not have an effect on viruses, only on bacterias! Behind these drugs is a giant market that lives from our sickness and of course naiveness! Antibiotics weakken your immune system so in a very short time you get some allergy, some other infection, etc and you have to take a new treatment, vitamins, minerals or whathever else. But many of us forgot about fruits, vegetables, natural products that can replace at least a part of those drugs. Take care of your health!

  33. Joshua, I tried the sugar packets and they did not work. I tried the Oscillo stuff and it worked. Now what?

  34. LB, the flu is virus. if you take a placebo, it will do nothing to kill the virus. How do you know that the substances in this stuff does not boost the immune system so people get over the cold or flu faster. Have you tried it? If not, how do you know if it works or not? Talk is cheap, and when you are sick, the only think that matters is feeling better. I tried Joshua’s sugar idea, it didn’t work. It tried this and it worked. So no matter what you say, people get better after taking it, and a placebo would not do that.

  35. I believe in home remedies, and I like oscillococcinum. The problem is my husband is allergic to everything, he cant take a lot of the over counter medicine. I took it and felt good in a matter of minutes and for my husband he had no side effects. He had the flu and gave it to me.. So as long as it is the flu season, we will be taking it..

  36. My neighbor told me about oscillococcinum. 2 days ago, I began feeling ill, with major body aches, fatigue, and fever. I took Oscillo that night and the fever has been gone since. The body aches were vastly improved. A close friend of mine developed the flu the same day, and did not take Oscillo and had the same symptoms as me, with high fever lasting for more than 24 hrs later, along with vomiting and diarrhea. I truly believe the oscillo helped me to recover faster and would definitely take this again if I get sick in the future!

  37. Jennifer says:

    My husband had to be admitted into the hospital for bypass surgery after a heart attack. apparently my body had become rundown and I came down with a cold….I never get colds. The next day I got to the store and was able to get some Oscillococcinum. It has been one day….I feel sooooo much better. My sore throat is completely gone and I feel like normal. I have some congestion left in my nose combined with allergies but I feel great!

  38. I can’t believe I am posting a comment to this, but I have the day off and I’m bored. The placebo effect is the only method of action for this “remedy”. It’s already been covered that there are no active ingredients in oscillo. The notion of “imprinting water molecules” by exposing it to liver and heart pieces is not physically possible. I know, the believers will say, you don’t understand homeopathy, it’s all about vibration and energies, but that notion is a joke in and of itself. The flu is caused by a virus. Don’t believe that? Well then you can stop reading now because you are beyond reasoning with. The virus affects everyone in different ways. Don’t believe that? Then why do some people die with the flu and others survive? Some people’s immune systems deal with the flu virus better than others, hence the difference in the duration and severity of the flu among a popluation of people. So how can you treat the flu? There are several ways. 1: Get a vaccine. The flu vaccine prepares the immune system to deal with the flu virus. Unfortunately the vaccine is the best guess of which flu viruses will be prevalent before it even arrives. Fortunately the scientists and MD’s are pretty good at predicting, and the vaccine has been proven to be effective for most years. 2: Live a healthy livestyle. Your body’s immune system is most effective when it is working the best it can. The flu proves this by most affecting those who are young, due to their immature immune systems, old, due to their other health problems, and the unhealthy, for obvious reasons. 3: Take one of the proven flu remedies, one proven by studies, not hearsay. 4: Get plenty of rest, fluids and stay in bed till you feel well enough to resume normal activity. Those of you who decry the greedy drug companies haven’t really looked at what the makers of oscillo are charging. The costs of making this “remedy” are miniscule. A 12 dose box is about 20 dollars. This box probably contain about 10 cents worth of sugar. In fact the packaging costs many times more. To make oscillo you only need a tiny amount of duck liver and heart, and lots of sterile water and sterile glass containers. For the greedy drug companies to make a drug requires many things. A staff of chemists and MD’s that don’t work for free. Laboratory facilities. Clinical trials that last years. Now once they go through all that the drug can either be a bust, or work. If it works, then they have to prove it does safely to the FDA. Then they have to spend more money to market it, educate doctors about it, set up a production and distribution facility, and hope that there are no long term side affects. The investment is huge. In addition the drug companies lose their patent rights after a short period of time, and then a generic company that didn’t do any of the legwork can produce the drug overseas for pennies per pill. The oscillo makers need basically none of these things, so what do you think their profit margins are? Sure the drug companies make money, but it is that money that provides the capital to pursue newer and or better remedies for disease. Do you think people that are cured of cancer with chemotherapy are pissed at the greedy drug companies? How about people that have deadly infections cured by new antibiotics, you think they don’t like the greedy drug companies? Think the millions with HIV who are alive are upset with them? I am certainly not shilling for the drug companies, but most people fail to understand the huge capital outlay required to bring drugs to market. I am not denying scandals and misdeeds by them either, but that happens in every industry and is a result of human nature, so until robots run companies it will happen again. So what does it all mean? Until there is a real double blind study that shows oscillo to work, all of you believers are wasting your money.

  39. There is no doubt that it does actually work and isn’t a waste of money.

    The post above is the usual medical dogma that you hear from people who don’t bother to find out for themselves and instead rely solely upon medical dogma.

    There have been several double blind studies proving the effectiveness in 1989 and 1990.

  40. I am aware of the double blind studies. Unfortunately most of those studies are full of flaws. Don’t believe me? Someone did a study of the studies: or how about this one; .Here’s one study, unfortunately it shows that Oscillo is no benefit. Anyone can make a study look good in various ways, it seems the homeopathy people are good at it. Here’s the problem, no one can explain why or how this stuff would actually work. We all know even the makers of Oscillo state that there is no active ingredient in their product, so how can you explain that it works? My medical “dogma” is based on real science that has been proven through experiment and hard data. I admit that certain drugs are probably marginal at best and aren’t as effective as the literature might suggest, but to sell sugar pills that are imbued with “vibrational energies” is ludicrous. Take a chemistry class and you will see the problem with this notion. In fact it’s the homeopaths dogma that is laughable. I hear it all the time, “you don’t understand how it works, you are too narrow minded, it goes beyond science, it’s about the life force, etc.” Fine, then tell me how it works without defying the laws of chemisty and physics. What is truly sad is that this is all at the expense of people that were duped into believing a lot of nonsense. It reminds me of the early twentieth century, when thousands of people threw their money away paying mediums to contact their dead relatives at seances, when in reality the mediums were just fraudulent magicians. Or all the people duped at the sideshows buying tonics and potions that would cure everything, when it was all just snake oil. If homeopathy really worked better than modern medicine, there would be undeniable proof, but obviously there isn’t. If it worked then doctors would prescribe these “preparations” and drug companies would be all over it to cash in. I’m sure I will hear the cry of “that’s because the medical profession is too powerful, and has squashed all the evidence” but that’s what you can expect from those who blindly believe they are right.

  41. Mitch Greenwood says:

    It’s water, people. Keep in mind that a great way to make money is to sell the credulous masses products based on free ingredients, like air (e.g., puffed “snacks”) or water. Please Google “science-based medicine”, before it’s too late.

  42. I have never taken oscillococcinum but wanted to see what others said about it. I see a lot of comments here saying it makes people feel better based on the placebo effect. Maybe I am missing something, but isn’t that the whole point? You don’t take medicine because a double-blind study proved it was effective in 93% of the participants. You take it because it makes you feel better!

    From what I have read, oscillococcinum actually has been proven effective in a double-blind study. The fact that we do not understand the exact mechanism by which it works does not mean that it is voodoo. Have you ever seen a commercial for some antidepressants? If you pay attention you’ll hear that antidepressants are “thought to work” by affecting brain chemistry. Nobody fully understands how they work, but they know that they do based on double-blind studies.

  43. It works!!! I have been sick 3 days and I’m better. Don’t knock it until try it. If u don’t want to get better,don’t try it.

  44. I am a homoeopath. I just want to clarify something. Homoeopathic remedies do not work in a chemical way like western medicines do. Each homoeoapthic remedy has a unique energy that (when taken) stimulates the body of the sick person to heal itself. It is ENERGY medicine – not chemistry!!! Thus the fact that no molecule can be found is not surprising. We can’t ‘see’ radiowaves yet we believe in them. Each homoeopathic remedy has a unique ‘frequency’ – in a similar fashion as you get different radiowave frequencies. Homoeoapthy definitely works and this is not due to placebo effect because it works for babies and animals who cannot comprehend that they must feel better because they are taking a medicine. Science cannot explain exactly how homoeopathy works as yet, but I believe the explanation will come in future. Remember the scientists that laughed at the people who said the world is round? They turned out to be right! You dont’ have to understand how something works in order to benefit from it/ to experience its effect. One of the reasons why research studies on homoeopathy has not indicated brilliant results, is that homoeopathy is not a ‘one size fits all’ type of treatment. I.e. we have many remedies for flu in homoeopathy and depending on the person’s unique symptoms we will prescribe a remedy that matches him/her the best. Many of these research studies use only one remedy for a whole bunch of people with the same condition. Homoeopathy is designed to look at the person who is sick, not just the sickness. Thus the research does not take homoeopathic theory into account.

  45. Ben, actually you do take a medicine because a clinical study says it is 93% effective verses a placebo group, that is how you prove they work. If the results between a placebo and the drug aren’t statistically significant then the drug is not worth taking. The placebo effect can be a part of any medicine, but in general the results of a study for an effective drug show better results than the placebo effect. Sure we don’t fully understand why antidepressants work, as brain chemistry is controlled by so many factors and very hard to observe, but we have a rudimentary understanding of their functioning, and clinical studies show that they are more effective in helping clinical depression over placebos.

    Well Janine, I feel bad that you have devoted your life to a pseudo-science. I don’t blame you, I blame those who have taught you and continued the legacy of lies. If you had studied chemisty and physics you would have learned that atoms occupy the lowest energy state possible. You can change the energy of an atom by influencing it with energy, but once that influence is gone the atom will revert back to the lowest possible energy state. Pieces of duck heart and liver won’t change the energy of a water molecule, but let’s suspend that fact and say it does change the energy. If it did, once you remove all traces of those duck pieces, then the water will not stay in that energy state. Of course it is a moot point since it doesn’t work that way anyway. Your statement that even though we can’t see radiowaves doesn’t mean they aren’t there is true, but we can detect radiowaves, so if your water was imbued with energy or a new “frequency” it would be detectable. The reason why science can’t explain why or how homeopathy works is because it doesn’t. Homeopathy treatments are never used for diseases and conditions that are serious. Please tell me one thing that has been cured by homeopathy? Or tell me a treatment that works equally as well as modern medicine to treat a serious disease like diabetes type I. You say that scientists laughed at people who said the world is round. First of all it was people that laughed at scientists who thought the world was round. Aristotle believed the earth was round over 2000 years ago. You forget that most people couldn’t even read until very recently. People believed a lot of things before science showed what there causes or reasons for being were. The germ theory of disease was also laughed at by people when it was first proposed, but now it is an obvious and proven part of medicine that you are clearly ignoring. Your thoughts on why the studies don’t show consistent results is just another in the long line of excuses. While it’s true certain populations and groups respond differently to medications, this doesn’t cause the studies to show it not working for anyone.

  46. So you took it, you felt better. They you stopped taking it for a bit, and started to feel worse. They you took it again, and you felt better? Did I get the sequence right? Because if so, it sounds like not only did the stuff not cure you, but it sounds like it was entirely a placebo effect. Just saying–that’s what a placebo effect usually looks like.

  47. Colbert MD says:

    Ok first, I am a medical doctor and have studied homeopathic medicines for many years as well as traditional “western” medicine, and I can in fact tell everyone here that Oscillococcinum is indeed a placebo, and yes I do recommend it to my patients for the simple reason that there is no way to cure the flu and it’s best to just let it run it’s course (some drugs that do work in symptom release don’t benefit the patient’s health, but it only suppresses the symptoms while possibly doing some damage to other parts of the body, such as liver or kidneys), patients don’t want to hear that there is nothing that can be done, they want results. Oscillococcinum most likely will not hurt you so there would be no harm in taking it, and if the placebo effect makes them feel better then so be it, I’d rather they take a placebo then something that will be worse for your health all in the name of stopping non-life threatening symptoms. Doctors for years have prescribed placebos knowing darn well they do nothing but make the patient think they are getting better.

    Now I am not saying that all homeopathic medicines are placebos, and in fact there is merit in Duck liver (as well as other animal parts) actually benefiting one’s health by giving the immune system a bit of a boost, but frankly if you want any of these benefits I highly recommend you go and buy your self a duck and use it’s liver and heart (probably will not taste very good), but it may come out cheaper with a bigger overall payoff to your immune system. As many have pointed out the original formula of Oscillococcinum has changed VERY drastically and any active ingredient is so diluted that it does absolutely nothing to benefit one’s health (I bet the original formula was not nearly as tasty as Oscillococcinum is today). Oscillococcinum is not a cure for the influenza virus and does not treat it’s symptoms, if you can show me one legit medical study that disproves what I am saying then I am all ears.

    However, here is the fact It is mostly sugar and lactose with VERY little of the original duck liver (it’s a wonder they can even say they use any duck) and heart that made it famous during the 1918 influenza outbreak. If you want to see any results from Oscillococcinum then you’d need to take so much that you’d probably die from complications to the sugar you’d be ingesting. Besides there isn’t enough of the product in the world to actually give you enough of a dose of the active ingredients (not even a molecule of the duck liver or heart).

    If you think about this logically, the reason why Joseph Roy cited as the reason that the duck liver and heart works on the flu symptoms (amongst other diseases) is because of the bacteria he found called “Oscillococcus” (an oscillating bacterium). How can a product like Oscillococcinum, which doesn’t even have enough of the active ingredient to add up to even close to the size of this supposed bacterium possibly work. This idea that somehow it’s a magical cure/treatment is completely quack! (<– pun intended)

    Now, I don't intend on calling people liars here by saying that they or their loved ones did not get better, but there is a misconception that the influenza virus has a defined course it takes and a set number or range of days before the patient becomes healthy again. However, any numbers you read are simply averages based on observation, we (doctors and the whole medical communicty) can't account for everyone's immune system and how it handles the influenza virus, some people will get better within a day of contracting the virus some may take longer, and some may not even show any symptoms. I think it's possible (if it was not the placebo effect) that you or your loved one just got better on their own and the Oscillococcinum was just a coincidence. However, there are to many factors to consider to exactly say what made your child better. Perhaps they accidentally found the cure :-P (I doubt it)

  48. I love this discussion. The best part about it is that it doesn’t matter whether or not homeopathy *works* when you talk about Oscillococcinum, because Oscillococcinum doesn’t actually exist. It was a microscope artifact unrecognized by an inexperienced researcher. No other researcher has ever duplicated what the “discoverer” of Oscillococcinum claims to have found. It is an imaginary substance. Which, of course, makes it the most powerful homeopathic remedy ever invented. It’s dilution is [infinity]C.

  49. Oscillococcinum = genius! This stuff is AMAZING!

  50. Oscillococcinum is nothing. It’s 100% placebo. Try doing a little research into what is actually is. You won’t find anything other than people trying to sell it to you.

    Read this before you spend any more money:

  51. Now, I am totally confused. My friend had recommended it to me , calling it ‘the stuff’. i have been taking it whenever I feel slightly sick-y and I do seem to feel better. However, whatever I have seems to stay in my system, but not not to effect me as much. I feel better, but it doesn’t go away and of course, I don’t really know how much to take.

  52. I felt bad and wanted ANYTHING to help. Saw it in a store and thought to try it. Researched the ingredient after buying it then thought, “ugh! Just wasted my money.”. Then 2 hrs later had to remember, wait a minute, wasn’t I sick earlier?? Read something about it helping out the T and B lymphocytes.. Whatever the mechanism, no matter how diluted the stuff is it works for a short time! Can’t wait to go home and give it to my sick kids! I’m a believer and would definitely rather take this stuff than a flu shot! I’m sold for life.

  53. very many in the scientific community also deny miracles as well as existance of any higher power/creator. but, physicists have rcently discovered that certain light photons or even electrons react and work differently when observed than when not, its sounds as nuts as u read it, mind will tell u BS. but scientific community should be advised that we do not know all of the laws yet, there are unexplained phenomenas across all areas of science that no1 has an established rule for. dont trust the mind all that much, our logic is limited to our understanding and our understanding ia subject to change, it is out perception basically. a dog see everything in black and white while me and you in full color and a heat sensor again in mono tones. so which is the reality? better example: a color blind person, or someone during halucinations, reality has more dimentions than our limited minds can imagine. we do not know everything, in our scientific history many well respected and accepted ideas have eventually been proven to be wrong. metaphysics, paranormal terms have been coined becuase certain things have been observed in defiance of existing body of scientific laws. so keep an open mind. the mere placebo effect is unexplained in and of its own, how can u beat a deadly virus, or even cancer by sheer power of ones mind? ask any experienced surgeon or doctor and they will tell u they have heard or seen stuff among payients that dont make any logical sense to them, yet they remain undeniable. keep an open mind, we dont know everything, if we did we would be eternal and supreme, godlike.

  54. Thought: Some people don’t like Brand A vs. Brand B, and all the while…the ingredients are identical but the packaging and advertisement are different.
    Could it actually be that each person is different? Might there be a chance that it works for one person and not the next based on individual mind/body? If it works for you…take it again — If it doesn’t…try something else. Some people like cough syrup, while some prefer capsules. Personally, if I don’t have a problem eating duck liver diluted to the whatever degree AND it aides OR fools my mind/body into feeling better — Seconds please!

  55. Hi!
    I’d like to tell you about my experience with this product. I am almost seven months pregnant and got the flu so badly that even after antibiotics(which i was desperate enough to take) I was still very sick. Let me tell you being pregnant and sick is possibly the worst you will feel ever! I have been taking this Oscillo for three days and feeling so much better. I don’t really care if it’s placebo or whatever, fact is that once you’ve felt it work for you there is no way you’ll try anything else. I just wish I knew about it sooner.

  56. I was introduced to homoeopathy just over 25 years ago after being treated for 12 years by conventional doctors for a problem with no success and gradually getting worse to the extent it was depressing me.
    I went to a homoepathic doctor in Liverpool who uses an E.A.V. vol machine and my problem was identified that very afternoon. I was given two different remedies to take and my recovery took off from there and to this day the problem has never returned.
    My elderly mother-in-law became ill 3 years ago when her legs became very swollen and she was having black outs. She attended her G.P. and as she is one of the old school who has their doctor on a pedestal and obeys everything they say to the letter would not be talked into going to Liverpool. She was sent to see various specialist at her local hospital over the period of 16 months and was fimnally signed off in as bad a state as the first day she went to them as they could not find out what was wrong with her. She was just told if it got much worse to go back to her doctor. By this stage she was frightened to leave the house because of the blackouts. She now agreed to go to see our homoeopathic doctor in Liverpool and once again he made a diagnosis of her problem at her first visit, gave her the necessary remedies, changed her diet and in no time the swelling was down and she had no more black outs. After a year of feeling great and problem free she stopped the visits altogether and no more remedies and guess what. Within a year her symptoms were all back.
    What I am trying to express here is that whether you believe or not that homoeopathy works. Or even if you think it is just a placebo effect. Who cares. Bring it on if it gets you better. In fact who needs doctors when this placebo effect can work so well with no damage to any of your vital organs through overuse of orthodox remedies. My two sons are living proof of this. The older one is 29 years and the younger 20 years and in their whole lives they have both only had one antibiotic and the older one only because he wanted time off work for a chest infection and as we were on holiday at the time, he thought he would get away with it. I don’t even think he took the antibiotics but he did take the sick line. Neither of them had time off work or school as I always had a remedy that would sort them out.
    By the way, my guy in Liverpool was able to tell me within hours of conception with my youngest child, that I was pregnant. You might ask how do I know that. I am fully aware of my fertility and when ovulation was occurring and at that time it had happened between the evening of Wednesday 13th February 1991 and the next morning of the 14th February. My appointment was at 2.30pm on the 14th and my son was born 7 days late on 15th November 1991. No doctor could have told you that, then. It is all on record and I have witnesses. I think my GP, was a little disbelieving when I told her but according to my homoeopathic doctor in Liverpool, it shows up as new energy on his machine. Quite amazing eh? Im hooked.
    My own parents are 83 yrs young, on no orthodox medication and have managed to escape the diseases of old age. Both perfectly healthy, fit, active and in fact run after their grandchildren and great grandchildren with amazing gusto. All they use is homoeopathy. They do visit their GP on occassions but just to let them know they are still alive. They don’t take the flu vaccine now but do take the occillo starting about October every year as a preventative.

  57. Four days ago I really got sick with sinusitis and had all the flu symptoms as well as a post nasal drip. My friend suggested Oscillo and since I took the first vial I was feeling better! No more coughing, no post nasal drip, no fever, no body aches or head aches! This stuff really works!

  58. This is in response to Chris and others like him. You have bought so heavily into the the big pharma lie that it clouds your thinking. You have put so much effort into refuting something that you don’t like, for what reason? Ok, you don’t like or believe in homeopathic medicine, fine. But then why are you even on this Natural Health website?!?! It leads me to ask what is your conection to the pharmaceutical industry?

    And Ted, you pulled that tripe directly from wikipedia’s website. Hardly a trusted and reliable source.

    If something makes you feel better then guess what – IT WORKS!

  59. To the person above who is saying that no one can explain how or why this works, and then implies that this means that it is “unscientific” to think that it does, I have one word for you – gravity. Gravity has been studied, the effects seen and observed, etc… for centuries and yet no one, not even Einstein knows what it actually is, just that it is. I mention this because it is not good science to say that, “something has not been proven to be true, therefore it isn’t true.” Time and again the paradigm has shifted for things that were previously unproven.

    Those posting that say Oscill. is working because of the placebo effect don’t understand homeopathy. There is a study where viral particles were introduced into a pure water solution and then filtered with filtering so fine that no viral particles remained. White blood cells were introduced to the water, and they made antibodies to the virus that was no longer there. Clearly there is something going on with water that isn’t explained by a Newtonian particle-based model of things. Those of you who are taking a smug attitude which you are certain is based on science should contemplate quantum physics. Is that leg you think you are standing on truly solid?

  60. I didn’t realize that homeopathic medicine is based on “energy” mumbo jumbo. I usually avoid it since I have more faith in something someone studied for years in a laboratory but now that I know exactly what homeopathic medicines are I will avoid them even more!!

    May as well strap a cellphone to your head – plenty more energy there!

  61. My daughter had flu and after two courses of antibiotics there was no improvement in her condition. I gave her Oscillococcinum and within hours her fever broke and she was able to get out of bed. It is almost 8 months and she has had no flu symptoms. I have always believed in homeopathic treatment and will continue to use Oscillococcinum!

  62. Elizabeth B. says:

    When I tried Oscillococcinum , I thought it was real medicine and had no knowlege of Homopathy or the process of said. I am afraid it didn’t work even though I followed the directions to the letter. And yes, I had early stages of the flu. When it comes to the kids , adults,and animals our own belief in a system /body language has effect on how others feel . just like having a kind empathic person around can make people forget about pain ,feel , or fight whatever off as it lowers stress levels and relases endorpins. and allows you to relax and for your heart to pump adequate amount of blood throughtout the body ( capillaries are filled at this time) and give the cells and tissues nutients , oxygen and doesn’t allow the waste products ( of cells) to build up .When stressed ,worried, one can casue your heart is not pumping adequate amount of o2 , not filling capiaries and waste not being removed from cells) and this can casue one go down hill or etc.. why, mood can effect your health.

    . Having a postive outlook , eating healthy ( vegies, friuts, meats, and etc) working out , and not over medicating for every little thing is the best course you can go.and if you pull the big pharm only wants money card you have to relize that homopathic comps want your money also.. it is a business and they want money… this is a bad joke but… everyone of you ( homopathic or whatever) are drug addicts cause you all need oxygen! lol and oxygen is a classified drug.. know though air is not like o2 you get in the green tanks but still;) must tell me how a pure source of water is obtain if water has a memory?

  63. I too have had the same experience, I make sure to get several boxes of Oscillo at the beginning of winter. I have gone 3 winters now with not being “sick” for more than a period of one evening. I tell everyone I know, not that anyone listens to me, they think it’s quackery, and I say, okay well I haven’t had the flu or cold for 3 winters, how are you doing?

  64. I used to take Oscillococcinum, it was recommended to me by a friend. I found it helped to kill the cold or flu in its tracks if I caught it soon enough. Otherwise if I didn’t catch it at the beginning it would just shorten the duration.
    I am so happy I did. Since taking this homeopathic medicine, I never get colds or flus anymore. Normally I would get 3-5 per year and now it has been 2 years and none! It seems that times I would get a cold/flu I feel something but it never turns into one.

    Some say it doesn’t work and that it is a placebo because it doesn’t make any sense but some things just don’t seem logical in the world.

    My boyfriend won’t take it because he thinks it is a joke but when he gets sick, and I don’t I just shake my head. He suffers and I’m sick free. :) He’s a stubborn one.

  65. I stopped in at the Vitamin Store (I’ve been there maybe one other time in 8 years that I’ve lived near it) after the Urgent Care was understaffed and had a long line of people waiting to be seen this past Saturday. I’ve *never* used homeopathic medicine before, and I am not of the type to have placebo effects take hold over me. I don’t care what is in it, but all I know is that for a few hours after taking the stuff, I feel like the flu is gone completely and I am well again. Of course, it all comes rushing back after the six hour time period, but if it can make me feel better while having this nasty flu, I’m all for it. For reference, I am a software engineer. I’d prefer to take some anti-biotics to get rid of it all together, but this stuff actually does relieve the symptoms of the flu. I don’t know how it does it, andI don’t think that magical laser beams are imprinting themselves on water/sugar, but it does help.

  66. Blah, blah blah, medical professional, MD. whatever. My brother in-law is an MD and doesn’t even advocate supplements. Western medicine is so biased. I have learned never to blindly accept the word of anyone who graduated from medical school because of narrow minded faculty and the establishment.

    There is no cure for viral infections. If something exists that can minimize the symptoms or provide relief, without harmful side effects, then it’s certainly worth taking. This stuff does that, more often than not. I say pooey to all the naysayers that have to use profanity or 10,000 words to make their point.

  67. My clone son had a horrible flu (and fever)for eight days. 104+ temp at times. I always get his bugs since I’m home with him as a caretaker. I started to get sick, chills and body aches and I remembered the Oscillococcinum and dosed immediately. Nipped this illness right in the bud. I was noticeable sick for only 2 days and then started recovering.I believe it did shorten the duration and severity of the flu for me. I’m still skeptical but curious about possible relationship between this vibrational medicine and string theory.

  68. I was going to pull a picture of Oscillo off the internet to send to someone who asked about it. Then I came across the Wikipedia article which explained its physical contents. I am particularly surprised at the ingredients, because I am a chemist, and logically there is no way this should work. But it was recommended to me a number of years ago, and it has always worked. I get that flu-like feeling, I take a few doses of Oscillo and I don’t get the flu. I think it’s pretty great. And I tell everyone about it. I suppose I could say, “Try it. You’ll like it.”

  69. The first day i had chills, headache, sore throat and 102 F temp. Took 3 vials, felt much better and temp down to 99 F overnight.

  70. Wow…Some of these posts are so full of anger, and negativity. Chris vs. the Homeopathic crowd…Geez people…let it go. You won’t convince Chris, and he won’t convince you. Leave it alone. Whether it’s the placebo or the duck liver I don’t care. All I know is I still feel like crap with the Advil flu and sinus, Robitussin, Benadryl, Nyquil, blah blah blah. And so has everyone I’ve ever spoke to. And everytime, 100% of the time, no matter when my friend takes the Osso… they feel better. Remarkably better. Whether it’s the first day their home sick, or the third day the flu won’t go away! They always feel better. Also my daughter who is four took it when it was her birthday and she said her body hurt and didn’t want to play with her friends. Within 30 minutes of taking the Osso…she was running full speed and laughing. And Chris…stop looking into the freaking ingredients for proof, pick your head up, and look at every single review in this entire post!!!People that tried it, say it’s a miracle. People that look it up in google, say it’s duck liver. Your on a little island by yourself fighting that DRUGS and SCIENCE are the answer to everything. That’s fine. But don’t forget, science is always a hypothesis until it’s a conclusion, and every conclusion over time is proven wrong. So let’s just admit we don’t know everything, see that 100% of the people that take Osso for the flu are happy customers, and CALL IT A DAY! By the way, it’s 8.99 at trader joes for all those being charged 15.99 at Ralphs. Have a great day everyone!

  71. I would have probably sided with the all the naysayers and haters that this is just a placebo if I hadn’t taken this when I had the flu and saw for myself that it works. I haven’t had to use it since the last time I had the flu ( probably 3-4 years), but the first thing I did do was to go buy another box to keep on hand for the next time. I recommend it to friends and family all the time. The fact that there are more people who have had positive experiences than negative on this site and my own experience proves to me it’s not just in my head.

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