Drinking hydrogen peroxide for health?

I found this interesting article about the health benefits of drinking hydrogen peroxide. The FDA does not approve of this practice, but to me that isn’t necessarily much of a cause for concern – I mean they still insist that Stevia needs to be labeled as a dietary supplement rather than a sweetener and dare I mention all the things they have approved that have killed people?

Either way, I remember hearing that one of the simple keys to a healthy body is to increase oxygen to it. If that means breathing more in or drinking water or eating foods with a lot of water in them – they are all important. This is the basic premise behind the drinking hydrogen peroxide thing.

The author mentions some hydrogen peroxide health benefits?

“Food grade Hydrogen peroxide contains a pure form of oxygen; something that can be used by every cell in the body. By adding food grade hydrogen peroxide to your daily routine, you can increase your oxygen intake. When you increase your oxygen intake, you increase your body’s ability to function at a higher level with respect to digestion, regularity, and immune system function.”

How he adds hydrogen peroxide to water…

“I have been using 3% food grade hydrogen peroxide in my drinking water for over three years. “I add 7.5 ml (1 1/2 teaspoons) of 3% or food grade H2O2 to a gallon of distilled water to make my .006% H2O2 for my drinking water. This formula gives me one gallon of .006% food grade H2O2 drinking water”. I have some clients who add less (1 teaspoon) and some who add more (up to 2 teaspoons – I suggest you never go higher than two teaspoons of H2O2). “

It is also important to note that the article suggests only using FOOD GRADE H2O2

I am not completely convinced that this is safe, so I probably won’t be drinking hydrogen peroxide any time soon. But have you tried this? If so let us know in the comments below…

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  1. With a little research you can find out how ridiculous this is. It’s basically bleach – the stuff people ingest to suicide. And yeah, people die from this.

    Most of the “beneficial” articles suggest ingesting Food Grade peroxide, which is 35%. Even diluted, this will cause the mucous linings of your intestines to basically disintegrate, leading to diarrhea and vomiting. In a small amount of cases embolism is caused by the reaction and production of Oxygen. That means slow and VERY painful death.

    Basically, don’t try this at home, kids.

  2. I don’t have experience with ingesting-drinking- the 3% peroxide, but I did notice when using it as a mouth wash when I had some sore gums recently that my constipation disappeared. Just the little residual peroxide left after I spit it out seemed to do this.

  3. It isn’t at all like bleach, bleach is chlorine based. This is a water molecule with an extra oxygen attached. It is produced and used by the body for a number of things. Just don’t use it too concentrated or you can cause some oxidation of tissue. Just like anything, too much has the potential to be harmful.

  4. Any substance can be lethal if too much is consumed so the analogy of H2O2 being the same as bleach is over simplified. We are talking about a very small precise amount added to water. This produces a small to moderate amount of extra oxygen which can benefit any living process. As with any substance that can oxidize bacteria, food or other material it is wise to use an anti-oxidant daily to mop up the by-products of oxidation and minimize cleansing side-effects in the body. Every disease condition has one thing in common, cells that are oxygen deprived. Adding oxygen always helps as long as the body can keep up with the cleansing process.

  5. 0.006% H2O2 = 60 mg/l 60 ppm. Max permitted H2O2 content in drinking water based on prEN 902 is 17 mg/l (ppm).

    Use SANOSIL SUPER 25 (a product combined peroxide and silver).
    Average peroxide content for drinking water is 5 – 10 mg/l (ppm) and the silver content is 2.5 – 5 ppb.

  6. I am encouraged by the research I have done on this topic. I’m wondering if anyone knows if drops of 35% hydrogen peroxide can be added to distilled water and then placed in a thermos to be drunk later in the day, or must the drops be added just before drinking.

  7. Lauren Sylevster says:

    I am a very healthy 32yo woman who has been drinking 35% H2O2 (dilluted) for the last three months. I have experienced significant changes in my mood, energy level, mind focus and basically it has made me feel like my body is light, filled with energy and working efficiently. I highly recommend it but DO YOUR RESEARCH!!! God Bless you!

  8. I’m doing my PhD in this topic, alot of debate so far between opposing and endorsement, still in progress stay tune. I consumed myself in the lab.

  9. Chipster says:

    Wake up naysayers. If you don”t have direct experience, just shut up. The day people figure out what doctors and big pharma have done by suppressing what HOOH can do is the day the lynching begins{joke}. It’s starting to snowball now. I was infested with serious skin problems which I won’t call cancer [not being licensed by the AMA to ‘diagnose”} BUT It was melanoma. Ugly painful and distressing. With regular use your overall condition WILL improve. If you have a specific condition it will go away. It is harmless beneficial and cheap. Using 35%, add one eyedropper to a quart of distilled water and skip breakfast. Drink a mouthful every 15 or twenty minutes, swish it around to sanitize and sweeten the breath and swallow. Best on empty stomach because it WILL react and cause flation. Greatly improves appetite and quickens digestion and elimination. All around TEN and number one remedy for most ailments. I have dozens of “converts” and am meeting people all the time who are sick of being sick, cant eat or sleep etc., who are listening. They don’t believe me when they hear I’m 66 years old. Hydrogen Peroxide is an aspect of basic molecular energetic synthesis, your body MAKES it! It’s scary how dependent so many people are on professional opinions. Check out the course hours in nutrition required in med schools. This stuff IS the revolution.

  10. DO NOT DO THIS!!!!! REPEAT DO NOT DRINK THIS! My friend is in the hospital fighting for her life because she drank this. She is in ICU unable to move. If you want more oxygen in your system buy a friggin oxygen tank DO NOT DRINK POISON

  11. Nita,
    Did your friend drink straight 35% H202? It must be diluted in water! It’s like taking one aspirin, which will help certain conditions, versus taking 10 bottles of aspirin which will have seriously negative effects on your health.

    Also, there are a few reported cases of H202 causing death (direct ingestion of 35% H202, not the diluted H202), but there are thousands upon thousands of deaths caused yearly by various pharmaceuticals that doctors and the FDA deem to be safe.

    Ever listen to the drug company commercials? There are people dancing and frolicking in flowery fields, smiling and hugging loved ones, all while a guy in the background is announcing the horrendous side effects!! “May cause bone loss, muscle loss, fatigue, headache, nausea, diarrhea, sudden drop in blood pressure, memory loss, convulsions, heart arrhythmia, and possibly death.” No thanks.

    H202 is deem safe and extremely beneficial for farm animal drinking water with all kinds of positive results. There are companies specializing in H202 injector systems used to treat farm animal water and the results are quite amazing. I wonder why animals benefit so much from H202 while humans are told it will kill you? Google that.

  12. iv been using hydrogen peroxide for a few years now (3%,6%,35%) i know i feel great when i take it, i feel very alert, energetic.
    my brother suffered bad depression and i convinced him to try it, he research it and now he has been taking the 35% for 2 years and from what i can notice he’s definately not the same depressed person anymore, he works, he has more of a positive outlook on life whereas before he was so depressed and negative nothing could move this guy. he’s a totally different person. so hydrogen peroxide definately lifts depression. me and my bro are good examples of it. thanks to my friend Adriana who introduced me to it.

  13. iv been using hydrogen peroxide for a few years now (3%,6%,35%) i know i feel great when i take it, i feel very alert, energetic.
    my brother suffered bad depression and i convinced him to try it, he research it and now he has been taking the 35% for 2 years and from what i can notice he’s definetely not the same depressed person anymore, he works, he has more of a positive outlook on life whereas before he was so depressed and negative nothing could move this guy. he’s a totally different person. so hydrogen peroxide definetely lifts depression. me and my bro are good examples of it. thanks to my friend Adriana who introduced me to it.

  14. There are people who actually think that the people with the guns and $$$ are AUTOMATICALLY right – ALL the time.
    If anyone reading this believes THAT – then you obviously meant to visit a site whose URL ends in .gov and just got lost somehow…

    This discussion interests me for a number of reasons, one being the vehemence with which people oppose this idea resembling the opposition to colloidal silver; and another being how people can be careless, injure themselves – then blame a self-treatment they attempted carelessly.

    My short story:
    For the first 1/2 (approx. 27 years) of my life there were MDs involved and I was CONTINUOUSLY and sometimes seriously ill.

    Now in the 2nd half (thus far) there have been as few MDs as possible, almost no meds ever, no health insurance – and I have been so much healthier it is hard to describe.

    It is called the -MEDICAL INDUSTRY- because it’s focus is upon making $$$ and is unrelated to health and healing; sick people are profitable.
    It is THAT simple.

    Back to the original topic now, as I have 2 questions:
    1 – Where does one get ‘food grade’ and/or 35% peroxide solution ?

    2 – Does the addition of such a tiny bit of peroxide to water give it any taste ?
    (I ask because I once had to gargle with it and it tasted awful.)

    Thanks for any info.


  15. PS: Here’s a site with some interesting info on the 35% usages:


  16. Here’s the best article I’ve found on H2O2 (aka, Food Grade 35% Hydrogen Peroxide) and how it works and why it works (and, very importantly, exactly how much it needs to be DILUTED exactly, how it needs to be take (e.g., always on an empty stomach) how often and in what increments.

    The author is a Dr. David G. Williams, who has been researching and writing articles about alternative cures for over TEN YEARS. I first came across Dr. Williams years ago, but after he had written this article, so I wasn’t aware until recently that he endorsed the CORRECT use of H2O2.

    Read the WHOLE article intelligently. It lays it all out very clearly.


    You can also get a free health newsletter from Dr. Williams here:


    I don’ t need it, because my health is normally very good. But I am definitely looking into the H2O2 protocal, because it really does sound like one that can elevate even good health, if done CORRECTLY.


  17. gee where did nita go? must be a fed fda worker, i just started my h2o2 and noticed being alert right away. i knew beeter than to try at nite. im going to the gym tomorrow and cant wait to see how i feel, i was not feeling good for 2 1/2 weeks and i am never sick, enrgy was low and fighting a fever sometimes. so i called my friend cause ive read about this for long time and he hooked me up.

  18. janeylaney says:

    Hey Mark
    1 – Where does one get ‘food grade’ and/or 35% peroxide solution ?
    I ordered mine over the internet. It wasnt’ that expensive, about £10 ($16).

    2 – Does the addition of such a tiny bit of peroxide to water give it any taste ?
    (I ask because I once had to gargle with it and it tasted awful.)
    The stuff you buy over the counter is disgusting. It has phosphoric acid in it, plus petrochemical-based stabilisers. The food-grade stuff is much better – it still does have a tiny taste but not horrible. You can also take it in really small drops if you want (just have to drink more water :).

    I don’t understand where people get this “doooom! its bleach!!” thing from. All fruit juice contains hydrogen peroxide. All fresh fruit and veg contains it too – it’s the chemical that fights cancer, which is the exact reason why they make such a big deal of how you should eat 5 portions a day. And yet putting a drop in water (the same as natural rain water) is apparently “wacky” and dangerous.

    Fish can’t live without H2O2 in the water – that’s why you have to have that bubbly ozonator thing if you keep fish.

    As for the person supposedly fighting for their life after drinking it, if this is actually true then I am sorry to hear it. Could we know which hospital they are in please? And whether they drank the straight 35% stuff which all the available information explains NOT to drink? I’m sorry but there’s something about that post that really doesn’t ring true…

    Oh yeah, and colloidal silver is now being sold openly by big pharma in the UK, they make band-aids with it in, and advertise it as being the “latest development” in medical technology. LOL. How the worm turns.

  19. janeylaney says:

    Forgot to say I have a PhD level science education, which enables you to spot BS quite easily when it comes to this kind of stuff. There are truly frightening levels of BS coming out of gov and big pharma all the time – what they tell you the science says, is not anything like what the science *actually* says. If you take the time to read the original papers you’ll be horrified at the amount of spin that was put on it to be presented to the public. Real lose-your-faith-in-humanity stuff.

  20. I get mine at the health food store. I’ve only been trying this for a short time, but I absolutely love it. I quit having migraines and I feel great!

  21. Does anyone know what dietary restrictions apply if one uses hydrogen peroxide therapy? I’ve been reading as much material as I can find, but there is very little regarding dietary limits. So far, all I’ve found out is to take it on an empty stomach (properly diluted, of course).

  22. My husband and I recently started the cleansing protocol with this. At first, I was skeptical and fearful. But I did my research and finally felt comfortable with taking the diluted food grade stuff. I learned that it is very important to use distilled water for this (not tap or filtered water). I am on an extremely low dose and in 4 days time I am experiencing an incredible burst of energy, improved mental functioning, relief of anxiety and mental agitation, clearing of chronic sinus & lung congestion and a clearing of chronic problems with Candida Yeast. Also, my body / muscular pain is greatly reduced. Chronic lower back pain has nearly disappeared. My appetite & digestion is improved and I am getting deeper, more restful sleep at night. I do not take this stuff at night. My husband does and it keeps him awake with energy, so I don’t recommend the nightly dose. My husband is on the regular higher dose and is also enjoying a burst of energy (along with a few minor detox effects here and there). His chronic ear and tooth infection pain is almost gone. His digestion is also improved. Mostly, it is amazing that I got these results in only 4 days. I too had minor detox the first 2 days. Now it is only liberated energy!

    As for the bad press, my opinion is this: Never make decisions based on un-examined fear. And never blindly trust what the FDA says without researching it further, otherwise you may or may not be following the whims of manipulative corruption & big Pharma (which is interested in profit, not the best interest of the public). The FDA slams food grade hydrogen peroxide at 35% level and they should. It’s just common sense that you should never ingest it at this level. But they mislead you to believe that the same would be true at a highly diluted concentration, which is an entirely different matter. If this stuff really cures what people say it does, a lot of expensive big pharma drugs would become obsolete. This notion is worth exploring further. We are the only ones responsible for our own health. In my lifetime, 90% of the time I’ve tried to work with M.D.’s, they’ve only caused me to become more gravely ill. But for the last 15 years I stopped visiting with them. And the result is that I’ve been able to cured myself of many things through my own research into alternative therapy. I’ve done this with great success and the disappearance of many health problems which have no “Western Medicine Cure.”

    “If you want to know whether something is true or not, test it out for yourself” – Direct quote of the infamous Gautama Buddha……..

  23. Most naysayers havent tried to use H2O2 diluted in distilled water for extended periods. I definitely does help your body as long as its very diluted. Otherwise it can be toxic. Even those that recommend it state that.

    Im still investigating if it can as some sites suggest, be used for HepC therapy as well. that would be miraculous.

  24. The FDA and the FTC are a regulatory division of the Federal Government. The teachings are led by media and marketing and through normalizing.
    The first paragraphs of any FDA article is a warning. It normally says to consult a health professional/provider. However it does not state any clinical reasons to warrant this warning. This tactic is used as a constant and over the years has “normalized” the basic thinking and thoughts of consumers. This process of disinformation and misinformation is a step process and is conclusive to the consumer and allows the message to be stored and re-communicated to the brain over and over and is considered “normalizing” and is done so that no deviations or little deviations are able to occur. This step process is social and is mediated to the consumer(s) and is to be considered natural in everyday life so it is expected and accepted.
    The above mentioned is the form of disciplinary power that has been here since the 19th Century. It has been used in the military, hospitals, asylums, etc… and is used to create social discipline/reward and create a social structure in modern societies. This is being used by the FDA and the FTC now in Medical Sociology which defines either orthodox or unorthodox theories of medical practice. The role of health care professionals is to provide care. The role of health care professionals should be broadened to research into cures either orthodox or unorthodox. The advances in medicine should not be limited to patentable process that is decided by the FDA or the FTC. Cure is as cures are and the limits set on speech and the ability to provide and say we have cured is our right and is lawful.
    Here is what the FDA comments on H2O2.
    “The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is warning consumers not to purchase or to use high strength hydrogen peroxide products, including a product marketed as “35 Percent Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide,” for medicinal purposes because they can cause serious harm or death when ingested. FDA recommends that consumers who are currently using high-strength hydrogen peroxide stop immediately and consult their health care provider.”

    Folks>dont fall asleep and please pass on my comments to your friends…Mike

  25. After being diagnosed with Breast Cancer 4 years ago…I opted out of Traditional Medicine and into Natural/Alternative Health Care and Treatment for my condition. My Doctor’s put me through many different “inside” cleanses such as Colon, Parasite, Candida, Heavy metal and so on. She also had me switch to organic fresh foods…and put me on a daily regimen of “Oxygenated” water using Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide. When you drink this..it gives you a burst of energy..I love it and still do it daily. My tumors disappeared after 6 months of these treatments, and my Doctor’s reminded me of the fact that No disease can survive or thrive in an oxygenated environment.

  26. I’ve been using food grade hydrogen proxide since Feb.2010. I bought a book on amazon by Madison Cavanough called the 1 Minute Cure and it made sense to me so I started the program. I wasn’t sick so I never achieved the 25 drops 3 times a day but I got up to 14 and stayed on that for about a week and as I worked my way down I would stay on each lower level for a few days until I reached 3 drops 3 times a day in 4 ounces of filtered water and I feel fine.

  27. I have health issues for 8 years that have been just put under the umbrella of ME/CFS by the docs and little has been done to help me, along with severe mood swings and despair i am now willing to try this method after reading lots of info about it and also first hand accounts from users here and the earthclinic website has given me the confidence to try it…nothing ventured nothing gained.

    I will start as soon as i have received my lit and you can get it all fairly cheaply rather than spend £££ on supplements/diets that never seem to help. :)

  28. It’s quiet a serous thing H2O2. I almost died from it using for enema. I am very familiar with H2O2 and used the 3% mixed with a little bit of water. If you think about it it’s only 3 % but that stuff is serous for internally. I was bleeding for 10 days strait..got colitis, …whole bunch of stuff from it and basically my intestines melted inside. The Doctors were scared to touch me or do surgery and thankfully I survived. I do think it can do wonders the H2O2 but make sure no more the limit is required. If the 3% almost killed me think twice when you use that product. Measure carefully and take a little longer to heal than to injure your self . God with you:)

  29. Lincoln Randall says:

    Hi Everyone,

    I’m considering taking H202 internally as recommended, however am concerned about studies that show the possible reaction with fatty acids and some said iron or vitamin c. This apparently comes from one author who is Dr that recommends IV use but not oral ingestion. Also Dr Robert O Young apparently in his book ” Sick and Tired’ recommends against it as well. However I have his Book ” The PH Miracle’ where he recomends the use of H202 or stabilized oxgen as possible one of the most important things to take. I am concerned about this and confused. If H202 reactited with iron would’nt it still react in the blood on IV treatment. Would appreciate any feedback on these thoughts.

  30. If any one has recurring Lyme’s disease I highly recommend ten drops of 35% Food grade Hydrogen Peroxide to a gallon of distilled water and drinking 8 oz of the mixture three times a day. and 1500mg of Glucosamine Sulfate twice a day. (Has to be Glucosamine Sulfate, not just Glucosamine) My Lyme’s would act up at least once a year and since I have been using these two my Lyme’s has NOT acted up..

  31. I have recently started the H202 therapy.
    I believe there must be a cure for all these diseases and illnesses going around.
    The medical profession seems to rip people off.
    They are against it because of all the money they are going to lose.
    Plants and animals have been getting it their drinking water and almost dead animals come back to health.
    I BELIEVE it will work for me!

  32. I started the H2O2 therapy but was only able to stick for five days. It made me feel sick in my stomach and decided to stop. I drink H2O2 first thing in the morning, and didn’t eat for one hours, but that did not stop feeling ill. I also noticed breathlessness, and high heart rate.

    Now I am only using it to gargle my mouth (0.5%) once a week and occasionally to clean ear wax (3%).

    I am sceptical of people claiming extreme benefit from H2O2 theraphy.

    I recommend to take it very slowly if you want to give it a go, and stop if it makes you feel ill. Don’t force your luck.

  33. What should my concerns be insofar as this mixing in a bad way with any prescription meds I take?

  34. I have been using this for over over a month now. Side effects lets see, easier breathing. More energy. By using it at pure strength on a black mole on my arm for over a week it’s gone. Now to see if it comes back. Took off a wart or some kind of growth bump, took about a week. Remember you have to dilute it down and build up to it. No its not easy and yes sort of made me feel quisy? at times but no harmful effects. Don’t eat before or after taking for at least a hour. I have eatten sooner with no problems but we are all different aren’t we. I use it as a nasal inhaler and also in a cool mist vaporisor.

    The only real problem I had was when I added about 3 other herbal body detoxes to soon and was around a neice of mine who was sick. Caught what she had but not as bad. Why did I get ill because I was dropping to many toxins into my system and it wasn’t used to removing so many at once. Well actually those didn’t do it either. I also became a user of urine therapy, yep drink it straight from the tap in the morning. I’ve had worse things in my mouth and so have many of you so don’t judge { really don’t care if you do or not} That one didn’t do it either. It was the 6 one when I overloaded the system. DMSO therapy. Think it was that one that did it. H2O2 two weeke later, herbals, 3rd week urine, few days later DMSO. Just to much to fast is all.

    Now you might wonder did I stop, nope just cut back for awhile.
    Wonder why I might try all this. Few medical problems is all, none deadly but I haven’t felt this good in years.
    One side note first week of H2O2 I gained about nine pounds even with eating less and working out. Toxins being removed from the body. Dropped about 5 so far but gained muscle.

    Physcian treat thyself I’m not in it for any monetary benefits just the health ones. Dr’s cure you and they lose a patient.

    Just as anything in life. {should have remembered} moderation.

  35. While reading some of the comments here I freaked out. I had bit my lip and was mouthwashing with Hydrogen peroxide and I ingested a little of the bubbles. I looked up the side effects on google and found myself here. WAY TO STRESS ME OUT people. You dropped a minuscule amount into an enema and would up in the hospital? Really? I mean, the bottle says it can be used as a mouthwash for children but a little in your butt gave you super problems?

    Here’s the problem. I BELIEVE YOU. So I flipped a coin and asked “Should I worry about this?” and it turned tails and so I wont. If I remember to post an update tomorrow I will let you know how I am doing. I think I remember ingesting a little of this stuff a couple of days ago though. We’ll see. Hopefully I can get rid of this worry, because WORRY WILL KILL YOU and that is a FACTO FACTO FACTO.

  36. I have used 35 FG H2o2 for about 6 weeks now. 1 drop in 0,5 liters 3 times a day. I love the positive effects, so mutch so that it kind of worries me. It feels (and what I have read about it sounds) too good to be true. I have a lot more energy and strenght. No difficulties getting up in the morning or staying up late at night. actually never really tired, but no problems with sleeping. Some times it makes me feel really happy, like a drug. But never out of control or irratic behaviour like.

    The problem is that the last two weeks my intenstines have strated to hurt. Not a lot, but more and more each time I drik the one drop h2o2 in half a liter water. Its a sharp stingin pain around my stomach. I always drink it on an empty stomach, at least one hour before or after eating.

    My Question is, does anybody else have any negative experiances useing long term H2O2? I would realy like to continue because it makes my life just a litle better, but not at the cost of my health. Ive tried to look for negative personal experiances on blogs and websites, but can hardly find any. Still, I am sure the pain is caused by the H2O2. Its always right afther I drink it.

  37. Tansi! I have Lupus, it is effecting mainly my skin, i have chronic eczema and severe dermititis. A family member gave me this stuff to try (O2XY-PLUS 29%food gr hydrogen peroxide) and wondering will this help me. I’m detered from taking it for fear that it’ll just worsen my condtion. If i do this…how much do i take? do i have to tell my dr’s, how will it interact with my other medications? I would like to hear from other people who have Lupus/rhuematism and lack of circulation. It is so hard to believe that the cure is only $8.95 and why dont dr’s recommend this….it just sounds too good to be true.

  38. Stephanie says:

    Sounds interesting….I know that doctors and Big pharma aren’t up with a more natural way of living….however, does anyone know the reprocussions in 20 years, 40 years? if any? I know that antioxidents feed the cell so whey it divides and makes new it creates healthy cells. The only reason we get degenerative deseases such as cancer are that the cells did not have the antioxidents to fight for them. I just want to say to those that are getting benefits that is great! I’m sure you are also eating well if you have gone this far to treat yourself this way. Good luck :)

  39. It could have to do with the fact that your only taking one drop so possibly the toxins aren’t properly being discarded their just circulating, do your research on upping the dose , I’ve heard also that this is normal and you should not stop taking it as it’s only releasing the toxins from your system hence the gastric upset…

  40. J. Roberts says:

    Im not going to have a go at anyone who has found this good for them but i would like to make clear a few chemical properties of H2O2

    first you are being ripped off. heavy metal ions naturally occuring in drinking water will decompose H2O2 into oxygen gas and water. the taste you will be getting will be oxidised Mn4+ ions. Also to clear up a point, H2O2 is commonly used as a bleach and those misguided to stereotype bleaches as chlorine based are ignorant. it is an oxidising agent and is one of the strongest oxidising agents occuring nature behind ozone and pure oxygen.

    also try freezing your mix of Eutectic H2O2 and water.

  41. I’ve been taking H202 in one form or another for years. I inhale it 4 or 5 times a day with maybe 8 to 10 squirts at a time and I drink it at the gym with 10 drops of 3% food grade and about 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda. I am the most energetic person I know, but, MAN!!!! When this stuff kicks in about 15 minutes or so while working out, I am a mad man. I have always been the hardest exerciser in every gym I’ve gone to, but this really fires me up. I just turned 50 in December and honestly feel like I’m in my late 20’s. I also juice vegetables every morning and take magnesium chloride daily, but I think most of the credit has to go to the H202. I’ve always been hyper, so maybe all of you won’t get the same reaction, but please do your homework. This may be something you find worthwhile. Research and never stop researching. God bless you all. Also, those who are always skeptics are the most naive among us. How many times have skeptics missed out on something because they thought it so cool to say ” I’m a skeptic “?

  42. You people are insane. Does your research include google searches to more articles such as this? Peroxides are oxidizers. You say it puts oxygen in the water but look at the chemical reaction of h2o2 in water. You are putting superoxide in water which is NOT good. Look up catylase. Your body does produce h2o2 but it is toxic and is quickly borken down into oxygen and water by your body’s ENZYMES. If you think h2o2 is good for the body then do like the rest of the peroxide radicals and shoot it in intravenously. Heck why your at it why dont you get some oxygen into your skin by pouring 30% h2o2 onto your face? None of you have any background whatsoever in any science or basic health. Go to college and quit spreading your voodoo pseudoscience.

  43. Crazyhorse says:

    J. Roberts

    You are quite correct H2O2 does indeed react with regular water in that it will oxidize heavy metals such as manganese, iron and others, the key here is to use ionized water otherwise known as distilled water.

    Hope that helps and please exercise extreme caution when mixing solutions, i am a huge advocate of H2O2 therapy but am not ignorant to the potential of great harm if care and precise measurement is not adhered to. always store your H2O2 well away from anyone who does not know what is and in a CLEARLY LABELED SEALED container.

    Peace :)

  44. What cracks me up is all the people that have nothing but negative to say about this. One they are either people that are trying to spread false information. Two they are people that choose not to take responsibility for their lives and prefer to put that responsibility/blaim onto others.

    Most ANYTHING can cause damage if used wrong, but hey its okay to go get drunk and possibly die of alcohol poisoning and or cause other damage to your body. No I am not against alcohol, I enjoy it IN MODERATION…

    So if you weed out all those that used this wrong and those that trust the big government to have their best interest in mind, you get people that are willing to take control and have responsibility for their lives. So who do you believe? It is up to everybody to do their own research and make their own decisions. The sheep can leave and shut up. I for one am tired of trusting the FDA in what they claim is safe and not safe. So use some common sense do your research and make you own decision. The truth will open your eyes.

  45. Hilary Ryan says:

    I am in New Zealand and my partner & I have just built a house. We have a large water tank which is our only water supply. Yesterday, my partner went into the plumbing supply store to find a disinfectant for our water tank and came out with a bottle of hydrogen peroxide. I couldn’t believe it! So, I’m researching and found this… I’m still not convinced and will have to research more. However, this is a commonly used water and water tank disinfectant in water tanks all over New Zealand.

  46. Trush add to your statement that a gallon of water diluted to .006% will give you .00629 mol of free oxygen while a single deep breath (assuming a 4 liter lung capacity) will provide somewhere around .056 mol of O2, I can breath deeply much quicker than I can drink a gallon of water.

  47. Most municipal water systems use H2O2 to purify the water. Also, there’s a detox cleanse for something that entails a 1/2 teaspoon of H2O2.