Drinking hydrogen peroxide for health?

I found this interesting article about the health benefits of drinking hydrogen peroxide. The FDA does not approve of this practice, but to me that isn’t necessarily much of a cause for concern – I mean they still insist that Stevia needs to be labeled as a dietary supplement rather than a sweetener and dare I mention all the things they have approved that have killed people?

Either way, I remember hearing that one of the simple keys to a healthy body is to increase oxygen to it. If that means breathing more in or drinking water or eating foods with a lot of water in them – they are all important. This is the basic premise behind the drinking hydrogen peroxide thing.

The author mentions some hydrogen peroxide health benefits?

“Food grade Hydrogen peroxide contains a pure form of oxygen; something that can be used by every cell in the body. By adding food grade hydrogen peroxide to your daily routine, you can increase your oxygen intake. When you increase your oxygen intake, you increase your body’s ability to function at a higher level with respect to digestion, regularity, and immune system function.”

How he adds hydrogen peroxide to water…

“I have been using 3% food grade hydrogen peroxide in my drinking water for over three years. “I add 7.5 ml (1 1/2 teaspoons) of 3% or food grade H2O2 to a gallon of distilled water to make my .006% H2O2 for my drinking water. This formula gives me one gallon of .006% food grade H2O2 drinking water”. I have some clients who add less (1 teaspoon) and some who add more (up to 2 teaspoons – I suggest you never go higher than two teaspoons of H2O2). “

It is also important to note that the article suggests only using FOOD GRADE H2O2

I am not completely convinced that this is safe, so I probably won’t be drinking hydrogen peroxide any time soon. But have you tried this? If so let us know in the comments below…