Fasting with Reverse Osmosis water

Just after my last fast – this dawned on me. Reverse osmosis water is very pure, the crazy filtration process gets all the junk out, but the downside is that it also gets all the good out as well. All (or just about all) of the nutrients and minerals are stripped from the water.

This may not be a major issue when you are eating because you can get the minerals and nutrients from other sources, but when you are fasting it is another story.

When I tried to fast drinking only Reverse Osmosis water (thinking that it was the most pure, so it must be the best) I made it to the 3rd day and came to a state of near worthlessness. I could do nothing but lay on the couch and long for the misery to be over. My body was in desperate need of the minerals that “normal” water has to offer. I was giving it none.

My most recent fast I made it 7 days it I felt incredibly more resilient. I drank artesian water during the whole fast.


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