The Extraordinary Health Benefits of the Olive Leaf

The Extraordinary Health Benefits Of The Olive LeafMany people are shocked to hear that olive tree leaves are packed full of health benefits. Olive leaves have been used for thousands of years to cure a variety of illnesses. Olive leaf teas and extracts are the most popular ways of consuming the powerful leaf. Some have shied away from olive leaf teas because of a bitter taste, but this does not happen if the tea is steeped correctly.

One of the most important uses for the olive leaf is its ability to knock out dangerous pathogens that are within the body. The olive leaf has a super tracking device that finds the poisonous substances, hunts them down and destroys them. Olive leaf has been used in the past to help cure patients suffering from malaria and other deadly tropical diseases.

It can be used to treat more common infections as well. Our bodies are constantly exposed to fungus, bacteria, parasites and viruses. Our immune systems are always working to fight off these invaders but constantly fighting tends to weaken any defense mechanism. Taking an olive leaf supplement or drinking olive leaf tea everyday can help take care of some of those pesky critters and leave our immune system in top fighting form for the big viruses like colds and flus.

Olive leaf can successfully lower a person’s blood pressure without using prescription medication. Imagine being able to drink a glass of tea in the morning and be on with your day. Prescription medications, especially those for blood pressure have a lot of risks associated with them. Lower blood pressure means a healthier heart and less risk of heart disease.

Diabetics can benefit from olive leaf as well. This powerful little leaf helps lower blood sugar levels without the use of insulin. This can save a diabetic money and the pain that is often a result of daily insulin injections. It is important to keep in mind, that those suffering from low blood sugar levels should avoid olive leaf teas and supplements.

Women will be happy to know that drinking olive leaf tea reduces the rate of yeast infections. Yeast infections are a common issue among women of every age, race or social status. A woman develops the itchy infection when the sensitive bacteria levels in the body are thrown off. Olive leaf helps eliminate the bad bacteria and support a healthy bacteria level.

As with any herbal remedy, they are not the ultimate miracle cure for everything. However, just the few health benefits mentioned above should be reason enough to incorporate olive leaf into the daily diet. Herbalists do warn that the first few days of olive leaf use may be unpleasant. This is usually just a couple of days of discomfort while the olive leaf goes to work getting rid of the intruders hiding inside the body. The intruders are not happy to be evicted and do cause some turmoil, but rest assured it means the olive leaf is doing its job.


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