The Health Risks of a Desk Job

ComputerMany people assume that working at a computer all day long is less detrimental to your health than, for example, hard, physical labor. However, if your work regularly includes spending a few hours a day at the computer, you are putting your health at risk.

As someone who spends a considerable amount of time working at my computer, I am well aware of the actions I should be taking to prevent long term effects on my health. However, putting it all into practice is often a different story! Here’s how a computer can affect your health – and the remedies you should be taking to minimize your health risks.

Common Health Problems Associated With Computer Work

There are many health problems that can arise when you spend a considerable amount of time working at a computer; these include:

What You Can Do to Remedy Computer Health Problems

It might sound simple, but many people do not put into practice a few simple rules that would help to minimize some of the above health problems. These include:

  • take a break from the computer screen approximately every 15 minutes
  • walk around the room and do simple stretching exercises (see below)
  • make sure that your desk and chair are set at the optimum level for your comfort and eye line
  • treat “tired” eyes with an aromatherapy eye pillow at the end of your work day.

Simple Exercises for Computer Related Problems

If you simply can’t avoid spending long periods of time each day at your computer, here are a few simple exercises that might help with problems such as eyestrain and neck, back and shoulder pain (source: Office Yoga, Darin Zeer).

  • eye strain – give your eyes a rest each hour by closing them and let your face “soften”; this also helps to release tension (and associated headaches) in your face
  • neck pain – roll your head around in circles several times
  • shoulder pain – place one arm behind your back and grab your wrist with the other hand; repeat on the other side
  • back pain – lie on the floor and pull your knees to your chest; wrap your arms around your knees and stretch. Relax and repeat several times.

Daily Routine  for Computer Problems

In addition to the quick exercises listed above that you can practice throughout your work day, you can also make sure that your daily routine includes the following activities to help your health stay in good shape:

  • take a brisk 15 minute walk
  • make time to relax at the end of your work day
  • take a hot bath
  • get enough sleep at bedtime.

Computer Health Problems of Tomorrow

Computer related injuries are on the rise which is no surprise given the technological society that we live in today; tomorrow’s aging generation will suffer from many problems that arise from having a career related to computer work, a problem that earlier generations have not experienced.

Exact statistics on computer related injuries are difficult to pinpoint but some of the most common computer injuries include back pain and carpal tunnel syndrome. However, with a little bit of good health practice and common sense, it is possible to minimize the risk of pain and injuries sustained while working at a computer all day long – and help protect your health for later life!

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