How to Choose a Good Organic Mattress

How To Choose A Good Organic MattressWhat is not to love about organic mattresses? They are much longer lasting, easier on our environment and easier on us in a health related sense. Instead of getting a mattress made with synthetic polyurethane, formaldehyde, flame retardants and other toxic chemicals you can buy one that is made from all natural organic wool, cotton or natural latex. The hazardous substances that are used in traditional mattresses can cause serious health problems including cancer, immune system dysfunction, and even insomnia.

While choosing your organic mattress may seem difficult really there are just a few things that you will need to keep in mind in order to get one that fits your needs. You will need to determine how firm you would like your mattress to be. If you sleep on your back or stomach it is likely that you will want a mattress that is a little more on the firm side. On the other hand if you sleep on your side you will probably want softer mattress that is more comfortable on your shoulders and hips. Also if you are more on the overweight side you might prerfer a softer mattress as well. To figure out what you prefer you should think about these things and then go try out some organic mattresses to see what feels most comfortable. When you go to try out mattresses really lie down on them just how you would when you go to sleep. Without getting in the position that you normally sleep in you will not know how it will feel once bed time rolls around.

An organic innerspring mattress made from cotton or wool is likely the most affordable option. On the other hand natural latex core mattress are a little more costly. Wool material absorbs moisture so it is a good choice especially for the cover of your mattress. Wool is great for people who sleep warmer than others because it does absorb moisture from sweat. Wool is also flame-retardant and acts as a natural antibacterial. Wool is also warm so if you live where it gets very cold you may choose wool to help keep you warm. Wool is also breathable so it will not make you too hot in the summer. Organic Cotton is great for providing air circulation and even temperatures. Organic cotton is typically very soft and comfortable as well as affordable.

Natural Latex or rubber provides excellent support and even relieves pressure points. Often times with natural latex and rubber organic mattresses you can choose the firmness of the rubber. Typically with rubber and latex mattresses you can choose the firmness from: soft, medium and firm. Because of the naturally flexible but firmness of the natural latex and rubber materials the mattress really supports the spine well.

When choosing an organic mattress do your homework as far as looking into the different types. Be sure that you are choosing options that are completely chemical free. When you go to the store be sure to try it before you buy it.

One good option to get started finding an organic mattress is Keetsa Mattresses. They offer many eco-friendly alternatives using organic matterials.


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