How You Can Make Water Safe For Drinking

How To Make Water Safe for Drinking
I just stumbled on this great 15 minute video by Dr Mercola about water sources and how you can make whatever water safe for drinking, and bathing, etc. He does a great job explaining just about all aspects of it and goes into a lot of detail of what types of water-filtration systems you want, and the preferred water sources. He talks about whole-house water filters and even shower filters. Apparently (I didn’t know this) taking a 10-minute shower releases enough VOCs from municipal water that it is equivalent to drinking a gallon of the water!

So anyway, I highly recommend checking out the video if you are concerned about how to improve the safety of your drinking water…

Water Filter Suggestions

Here are a few suggestions for ways to make your water safe to drink based on a few different price points. The most expensive one – a 3 stage reverse osmosis system is the best, but as Dr Mercola mentions in the video any filter is better than no filter! So if you don’t have one – get one!

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