Is Organic Food Healthier?

Have you passed by an organic food store on your way home from work and wondered if organic food is healthier for you than other types of food? Well, if you are asking such a question, then you may have been filled with a number of false premises by critics of organic food. That is, there are those that make statements along the lines of “It is all the same” or “You can still lose weight with ‘regular’ food.” Such statements are made by people that truly do not understand the actual value of such foods or the reasons why they can improve the help. Conversely, they may not know the seriously problematic components associated with eating a diet loaded with processed ingredients. And there are most definitely a number of serious problems associated with eating non-organic foods loaded with processed chemicals and foreign substances.

Is Organic Food HealthierTo understand why organic food is healthier than processed items, one needs to understand the basic definition of an organic food item. Basically, this would be a food source that has not been modified or altered from its original, natural state in any way. It is, instead, presented in its most pure form.

Processed elements are added into non-organic food for a number of reasons. Probably the most common reason would be to keep the items on the shelf as long as possible. if they spoiled to quickly, then the product would have to be thrown out which would cost a lot of money to the store. To prevent such a problem, a number of foreign elements can be added to the mix. When you eat such foods, you ingest the foreign elements and they can possess a lot of free radicals. Free radicals do a number of things to the body and the prime thing that they are guilty of is the ‘theft’ of electrons from the body’s molecules. To say this would have an enormously negative impact on the body would be a serious understatement. The loss of the molecules can lay the foundation for cancer later in life.

Various other processed items can cause multitudes of negative health problems. Refined sugar is used to replace natural and organic brown sugar and this leads to huge spikes of glucose in the bloodstream which can lead to diabetes. And, of course, refined sugars can turn to fat quicker than anything else. To list the problems that obesity can cause would require several volumes of text to cover.

Meats and poultry that are not organic can come with all manner or hormones and steroids and antibiotics that will be ingested by the humans that end up eating those items on their dinner plate. From this, all manner of havoc can be wrought on the body. When your diet is one that is made up of purely organic substances, you will discover that these elements are not present and you will not feel the negative effects of their impact. And this is most certainly what you will want.

Simply eating a diet that comprises organic foods eliminates a number of the serious health problems that might be incurred when eating processed food sources. Going organic improves health – that is a fact!

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