Is Whole Wheat Pasta Healthier?

For pasta lovers all across the world the most commonly asked question is if whole wheat pasta is healthier for them. In general the answer would be yes. Whole wheat pasta contains minerals, vitamins and fiber. It is made of the whole grain instead of going through a refining process.

Whole Wheat Pasta Health BenefitsUsing whole wheat pasta may take a while to get used to if you normally eat the processed type. It has a slightly different taste and texture. If given a chance though, eating whole wheat pasta can be a much healthier choice. Because it is brown instead of white like processed pasta, whole wheat pasta does not have the same appearance which may pose a slight obstacle when changing over to whole wheat. It also has a slightly stronger taste but does come in all of the same shapes and sizes of the processed styles, which proves it can be used for all recipes that call for regular pasta.

For most people, changing to whole wheat pasta is a very healthy choice. There are some instances where it may not be a good idea though. One of those is if the individual has Celiac’s Disease. These individuals need to consume a diet that contains no gluten. Since wheat contains a large amount of gluten it would be detrimental for a person that has been diagnosed with Celiac’s Disease to consume whole wheat pasta. On the other hand, it can be very healthy for diabetics. Not only does whole wheat pasta have many more vitamins and nutrients then processed pasta, it also has the ability to lower insulin levels.

For those trying to lose weight, whole wheat pasta can help. Because it is higher in protein it has the ability to make you feel full faster. Many diet programs recommend using whole wheat pasta as part of the meal planning. Whole wheat pasta is much less fattening then processed pasta. Often times a pasta dish is high in calories due to the toppings served with it. Sauces and various types of cheese add calories to the dish.

Most whole wheat pasta is made with a grain called durum wheat. This type of wheat grain is very nutrient rich. Duram wheat is high in protein and gluten. Dried pasta’s that are ready to be cooked are usually made of farina or semolina. This type of pasta is not quite as healthy as pasta made from duram wheat.

When changing to whole wheat pasta, keep in mind that you may need to try several brands before you find one that you like. The use of special sauces from a healthy recipe can make the difference between loving or hating it. Using whole wheat pasta for dishes like lasagne are very popular because the other ingredients tend to blend well with the pasta.

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