An Introduction To Kettlebell Workouts

The face of fitness has changed.

In this fast-paced age, where science and technology continually show us just what the human body is capable of, new fitness methods are constantly making their way onto the market.

Recently, kettlebell training has received a great deal of attention in fitness magazines and entertainment television shows. In 2009, the American Council on Exercise (ACE) described kettlebell routines as a way to get a whole body routine in a relatively short amount of time. Perhaps you are scratching your head over the benefits of kettlebell training right now but I can say with full confidence that once you start swinging you will never want to stop.

The Origins of the Kettlebell

Kettlebells didn’t just emerge into this world as a gift from the gods of good workouts. Kettlebells have actually been around since the days of the Russian strong-men, popularized through Russian workouts long before they ever reach the hands of Hollywood starlets.

In case you are looking to pick up a kettlebell but you don’t even know what you are looking for, a kettlebell resembles a medicine ball but with a handle attached. The weight of the kettlebell varies by size.

With such a stunning growth in the kettlebell trend it is easy to find this piece of equipment in sports and department stores all over. The device is both compact and portable, allowing you to bring your workout in and out of the gym.

The Ins and Outs of Kettlebell Routines

I am constantly scouring the internet and health books for ways to make my workouts more efficient and less time-consuming. We lead busy lives and few of us are looking to tack on more than an hour to our gym time. And let’s face it, there is absolutely nothing worse than a long, tedious gym workout that gives off no benefits.

Kettlebell routines shred time off of the workout while shredding fat in all the right places. A consistent mixture of cardio and weight training, a kettlebell workout will bump up your heart rate while working to tone several major muscles at a time. A routine with this device at the center of it will keep your body tapping into fat stores throughout the day while it revs up your metabolism and gives you energy.

People often ask why you cant just use a dumbbell instead of a kettlebell to do the exact same moves. It is possible to complete a kettlebell workout with a dumbbell but the shifting weight of the kettlebell on the handle will keep your core and targeted muscles stabilized throughout the workout, as opposed to a dumbbell that divides the weight equally on each side.

Women are easily intimidated by any workout that presents the possibility to bulk up but this is no reason to swing away from the kettlebell workout. A good kettlebell routine with a weight that works for your body will reduce body fat and tone up your body, not add on extra bulkiness.

Using your Kettlebell

So you purchased a kettlebell or you picked one up at the gym. Now what?

Well, there is a rhyme and rhythm to your swinging.

Make sure the weight of your kettlebell is suitable for what your body can handle. A weight that is too light won’t deliver good results and a weight that is too heavy could end up hurting you. If you find yourself questioning, start with a lower weight and then work up.

You will want to grip the middle of the kettlebell handle from the inside of your palm. Some exercises require the use of two hands but most lunges and lifts will be single-handed.

A kettlebell routine can consist of a variety of swings, lifts and snaps. Research and look around to find out what moves and sequences will work best to target your trouble areas. The best way to perform kettlebell workouts is through high repetition ballistic routines. Ballistic training is when an athlete lifts the weight at an accelerated pace and then lowers at the same pace instead of slowing down in lowering the weight like most fitness routines recommend.

The secret to the benefits of kettlebell training can be found in the fast-paced movements paired with the unstable device. A kettlebell workout can substitute for a weight training workout or as a cardio routine. Any way you decide to use it, the results from this routine will make the kettlebell a must-have in your home gym after a single swing.


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