Libre Loose Leaf Tea Glass Review

A couple of days ago I got a Libre loose leaf tea glass in the mail. Libre makes double walled thermoses for tea. The interior wall  is made of glass and the exterior is either glass or polycarbonate which is durable for travel. Because it’s double walled, it will keep your drink warm or cold for about an hour. But it is build with a filter in it and designed for steeping your tea directly in it. You can either choose to leave your tea leaves in while you drink, or remove them.

“The stainless steel filter in both models keeps the tea leaves away from your mouth and is easy to remove for easy access and easy cleaning when adding or emptying loose leaf tea.”

Libre Tea Loose Leaf GlassAs I opened it up, I was quite impressed. The design is very cool! I would want to put any drink in it, just to carry it around! 😉 I did notice that the mesh filter was too big for finer teas, like rooibos. But it is great for flowering teas and teas with larger leaves, like green or white tea. I also saw on their site that their working toward building one with a finer filter.

If you loose leaf tea is a little too advanced for you, or if you just prefer bag tea, this glass would still be a great option. You can simply put the bag in and easily remove it. It would be especially helpful if you use bags with no string attached.

You can see how it all works and get more information here.


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