Giveaway | Libre Loose Leaf Tea Glass

Great News! We have a Giveaway from the wonderful people over at Libre.

A couple of months ago I wrote about the Libre Tea Glass and how much we love it. We’re big loose leaf tea drinkers and this durable container is perfect for us. Plus, it’s really cool looking!

Here are some great features about the tea glass:

  1. It’s double walled, so cold drinks stay cold and hot ones stay hot.
  2. You can use a bag or loose leaf tea.
  3. Two choices – glass and glass or glass and polycarbonate.
  4. The polycarbonate glass is really durable and has been dropped on concrete and kitchen floors without breaking!
  5. You get 10 extra cool points just for carrying it!

How do I enter to win?

To Enter just leave a comment between now and Thursday, June 3rd. We’ll pick the winner on Friday, June 4th.

This giveaway is limited to be shipped to Canada and USA and can not be shipped to PO boxes.


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