5 Ways Massage Therapy Promotes Weight Loss

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Massage therapy has been practiced for many years mainly for relaxation but the aspect of using it as a weight loss solution is slowly coming to the fore front. Weight loss massage may sound too good to be true but it is a reality many people are benefiting from. As a matter of fact, this therapy can be included into the clients’ daily routine in order to aid in weight loss. This is not only fashionable but a good alternative for those that are intent on loosing any excess weight.

1. Stress Busting

Massage is an excellent way to alleviate stress and achieve overall rest and relaxation for the body and soul. When it comes to weight loss, stress is a factor to consider because the when an individual is stressed, the body reacts. In most cases, once Cortisol is released into the system as a result of pressure, the intestines slow down in preparation for either flight or fight. If this happens over extended periods of time, the end result is weight gain due to a poorly functioning digestive system. Massage alleviates the strain giving the body time and space to digest the food accordingly.

2. Sports Massage

This may sound far fetched but for those interested in weight loss it is not. This type of kneading is good after a tiring session at the gym. The muscles are relaxed after vigorous exercise resulting in faster recovery. This in turn translates into more sessions at the gym and faster weight loss.

3. Lymphatic massage

This may not sound like much until your lymphatic system gets blocked and the waste is not eliminated accordingly. Once the blockage occurs, the body retains the waste which is transferred to the organs resulting in weight gain. Massage helps to drain the lymphatic system giving the body the capacity to purge itself of the harmful waste. Consequently, metabolism is increased resulting in weight loss.

4. Ayurveda Herbal Massage

With this manipulation of the body’s system, a special paste or powder is spread on the body by two therapists resulting in toxin elimination. The treatment ought to be done once a day for approximately 1 hour in order for it to be effective.

5. Cellulite Removal Massage

Cellulite is an accumulation of fat beneath the skin giving it that orange peel look. It is brought about by fat stored within the body which is in turn pushing against the connective tissues. Cellulite can be eliminated by using different massage techniques resulting in weight loss.

Massage can indeed be used for weight loss but it must be incorporated with the more traditional methods of weight loss. These include a good, healthy diet as well as regular exercise and water intake. Once all these procedures are put into place and topped up with massage then weight loss occurs. Massage therapy without a doubt promotes weight loss but as always it should be conducted by an experienced and licensed therapist especially with regards to the more complicated treatments.

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